Friday, October 30, 2020

An abnormal life

Sometimes I'm struck with the realization of just how strange my life is compared to the lives people have lived throughout most of human history and prehistory.

Take the whole of the timespan humans have lived on Earth, make it into a giant calendar surrounding you, close your eyes, spin around and toss a dart and then look at how the humans on that day were living. It's not going to be anything like the life we live now.

Probably they wouldn't even ride horses yet-- they might hunt them, though. They probably wouldn't use wheels. They'd live and die over whether they could make fire, find water, and avoid being eaten. Just picture what you'd be looking at right now if you suddenly saw from the perspective of that day, with everything from other times erased from view.

This may be why I sometimes feel so incredibly out of place. I'm not complaining. I like modernity, but I do have a primal craving for some of the old stuff, too. Almost all the time.

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