Saturday, May 07, 2022

We're number 6!

The newspaper reports that the local area-- on the other side of the state line-- ranks sixth in New Mexico for recreational Cannabis sales.

Considering the lack of local recreational opportunities-- at least those that don't charge a fee and can be pursued without paternalistic oversight-- it's surprising it only ranks sixth

First wouldn't have surprised me at all.

Much of the lack of recreation is no one's fault. We have no mountains, no forests, no canyons, no rivers, no beaches, no lakes, and no wilderness locally. Just endless farmland and feedlots and dairies-- which, obviously, you can't wander on.

Other things are the fault of those who made up legislation to make sure people weren't free to do things they didn't want people doing. Along with the cops who've worked hard to drive any local bars out of business.

It's the number one complaint I've heard from those who have lived here for years and those who get stationed here at the air base. Nothing to do.

If you're interested in team sports (in season), government, or church, you can find things to do. I'm not, and it seems many others aren't either. Some of those have found a new pastime.


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