Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Obama’s anti-gun orders criminal

(My Clovis News Journal column for January 15, 2016- Obviously, in spite of the headline, the criminal actions don't stop with Obama, but extend to every politician, bureaucrat, or cop who has ever advocated, passed, or enforced even the most "minor" anti-gun "law".)

Are you worried by Obama’s latest anti-gun executive orders? Don’t be. He and his accomplices have no more authority to make up laws regarding guns than I do to demand you paint your house orange.

Don’t believe me?

Consider: The Second Amendment — which, as an amendment, over-rides anything to the contrary in the original Constitution — makes devising or enforcing any law as to guns, by any level of government, a serious crime. You are not bound to obey criminals, not even if they claim they are enforcing a law.

Second of all, even repealing the Second Amendment can't make the core human right to own and to carry any kind of weapon you wish, in any way you see fit, everywhere you go, without ever asking permission from any government employee, go away. Nothing can.

The right existed before the first government was forced on a population, it will exist long after the last government decomposes on the corpses it helped pile up, and it exists everywhere in the Universe where any human being lives. Including North Korea, Chicago, or the post office- in spite of any claims to the contrary.

No one who works for government has any say in who buys, sell, owns, or carries a gun. They have no say in anything regarding any weapons they don't personally own. Not legally; not morally.

This is common sense about guns. It is reasonable, and it is true.

Don't think bullies won't arrest (kidnap, under color of law) or murder you for exercising your rights, though. Bad guys will always be on the prowl to get you. Be alert.

It is up to you to either pretend anti-liberty executive orders and laws have authority over you, or to recognize they don't and live in liberty. No one can make this choice for you.

Liberty is the freedom to do anything which doesn't violate anyone else. Liberty, including the unconditional human right to own and to carry weapons (what "keep and bear arms" means), is your birthright. Liberty, though, never includes a right to threaten or harm anyone who isn't violating you, since that would damage the other person's rights.

Rights are equal and identical no matter who you are, where you were born, or where you happen to be.

So, do the right thing, don't worry about what politicians or their hired guns say, and watch out for those who live to violate you. It's the human thing to do, regardless of what bubbles up from the cesspools of government.


What's the Constitution good for?

There is only one thing the US Constitution is good for: showing how the US government refused to be held back, and refused to abide by the contract it agreed to. That's it.

It was a mess from the beginning- it set up a State. Never a wise move, nor an ethical one.

Then, the bullies who tested its limits and got away with it- and by that I mean they lived another day- stretched it beyond all recognition.

The only time I'll bother mentioning the Constitution is when I want to show how criminal the government is.

Might as well toss it aside (you, I mean- the government already did so) and get on with surviving in a world where some bullies call themselves "government" and make it their goal to violate you and your property however they can get away with.

Don't pretend the Constitution ever protected your rights. Don't think you can save it and protect your rights into the future by getting politicians to anoint the "right" Supreme Courtjester. You, and you alone, are responsible for protecting your rights. I'll help if and when I can. But a long-dead document isn't going to help a bit.