Saturday, September 10, 2022

Fadin' in, fadin' out...

I've recently had the opportunity to do something I haven't done in a very long time: listen to broadcast radio.

Probably the last time I really listened to the radio much was when the station I had listened to all the time changed formats. That was around 25 years ago. For some reason, they decided they had to play the same thing the other stations in the area played instead of being the one station that played something unique. So they went from being the one country station to being the third or fourth "alternative rock" station. Ugh.


My pickup hasn't had a working radio as long as I've owned it, so that eliminates most of what would have been listening time. But recently I've been taking care of multiple households' feline residents while their human servants are on vacation, and have the use of the car of the farthest household to use for the trips, and I have left the radio alone. I've kind of enjoyed it, but I have noticed that about half of the advertisements are for government.

There are ads for various gov-school related things and events, "public service" announcements telling listeners to make sure their kids get the Covid shot because the CDC says it's safe and necessary (recorded months ago, I'm sure), government job listings, reminders that the Blue Line Gang is looking for "impaired" drivers, and others.

I didn't remember this being the case when I last listened, but I'm open to the probability that I just don't remember. I wonder if government is a primary advertiser in order to prop up the industry, or if they honestly just find radio ads that helpful.

Anyway, I've found it difficult to stifle the scoffs I feel building in response to the obvious nonsense I hear. It's been interesting, though.


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