Monday, April 05, 2021

Where property rights begin

Since the subject has been brought up again...

1- Things you might possess while in my house-- at my invitation-- that are none of my business unless you choose to make them so (regardless of whether or not I would approve of them if I knew they were there):

  • Bad unspoken thoughts.
  • Your pink thong underwear hidden beneath your pants.
  • The tattoo on your upper back, under your shirt, praising Satan or Jesus.
  • Your pocket Mein Kampf, Communist Manifesto, or US Constitution that stays in your pocket.
  • A non-contagious medical condition (broken rib, pacemaker, colostomy, etc.).
  • A baggie of weed in your back pocket.
  • Etc.

2- Things you might possess while in my house-- at my invitation-- that are my business (separate from the issue of whether or not I approve of them):

  • A sermon you feel the need to preach in my living room.
  • An Antifa shirt.
  • An unshielded vial of plutonium.
  • A parrot or monkey on your shoulder. 
  • A contagious disease.
  • The Cannabis you are currently smoking.
  • Etc.

Your bodily autonomy-- no matter where you stand-- is the beginning of property rights, but not necessarily the end. Hopefully, your property rights don't end there, but for some people, they do. These are the only property rights everyone has in absolutely equal measure. As with all other rights, they will either be respected or violated.

Sure, it is a bubble, but it is no more "magic" than the bubble of property rights surrounding your home and land or your private business. To seek to violate this right, on any pretext, is to enslave someone-- as happens to prisoners in government custody. Without these rights, there would be no such thing as "property rights" of any sort to be respected or violated.

You are perfectly within your rights to refuse access to your property if you can't respect the equal and identical rights of those you invite onto it to be secure and whole in their person.

If I invite you onto my property, I invite you with all your rights completely intact, no exceptions. No matter how many people disagree.

I'm not looking for approval or agreement; just explaining my view of the subject. Your view may, obviously, differ.


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