Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lying to Government

I was raised to always tell the truth, although I have often fallen short of that goal. I don't even like lying to save someone's feelings from being hurt. My second wife used to ridicule me for not lying "enough".

So this may seem uncharacteristic.

I think it is often more moral and ethical to lie to government agents and bureaucrats than it is to be truthful with them. It may be dangerous to do the right thing, though.

If you had lived in Nazi Germany, would you have lied to protect hidden Jews? It was illegal and dangerous to do so. But it was the right thing to do.

Would you feel guilty if you got mugged and hid the fact that you have $20 in your shoe? Are you obligated to reveal it to the mugger so he can take it? Only a fool would say "yes". 

In a consensual relationship, I can see the point of being totally open with the other party (although even that may not be best, and may damage any relationship).

No one is obligated to be truthful in a coercive "relationship" such as between you and The State or a freelance mugger. 

It's a small matter of degree between protecting innocent people from freelance bullies, and lying to an IRS agent about your neighbor's off-the-books home business. It may well be a matter of survival to your neighbor.

One of the most important times to lie to government is when you have a chance to be selected for a jury. This is one of your few opportunities to save someone from government in a concrete way.

Tyranny fighter Julian Heicklen reminds us:

Judge will tell jurors they must uphold the law as he gives it.
If you are a dishonorable person, you will agree.
If you are an honest person you will decline and be removed as a juror.
If you are an honorable person, you will agree and then ignore the oath.

It can not be wrong to lie to keep someone from being violated by someone else. Not ever.

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