Thursday, March 05, 2020

Thoughts on current politics

See, this is what happens when politics intrudes on my thoughts. This is why it's best if it doesn't.

To the extent I think about politics and elections, which isn't a lot, I would always prefer that the most amusing candidate "win".

That-- besides my decades of despising Hillary RODHAM* (*Clinton) in a Very Special Way-- is why I hoped Trump would be the nominee and beat her last time around, even though I no longer v*te (not since Michael Badnarik) and don't support Trump or any other president. I don't need a president, nor do I need to be governed, nor do I want you governed on my behalf. Because I'm not a psychopath.

I've been thinking Bernie Sanders would be the most entertaining candidate to have running against Trump now. Too bad the game is rigged against him.

The others bore me so much-- other than the festering boil that just dropped out: old Mikey Bloomiepants, whom I've had decades of experience despising for his haughty anti-liberty bigotry. He might be a mini-hooman, but he's a giant oozing boil on humanity's tailbone.

Sure, all of the candidates are anti-liberty bigots. All the DemoCRAPublicans-- including Trump-- are. But this time around all my Very Special Feelings were reserved for Bloomberg-- I'm glad he's out. I'll refrain from unwisely saying in public what I want his near future to look like.

My only thoughts about the DeepState's Choice, Biden, involve remembering he was caught up in some plagiarism scandal long ago. I doubt he has evolved into a better person since then since he's still seeking political power. And he does like to touch people inappropriately. But who doesn't? Otherwise, he's too boring to bother thinking about. His accelerating mental decline might change that and make him more interesting, though.

Yes, I think Bernie would destroy the economy. But any of them could since economies are not suited for centralized control, and that's all they know how to do since they all rely on politics. Knowing this harsh truth is part of why I "prep". If you try to control something that can't be controlled you're courting disaster-- or if you're Joe Biden, you're just breathing heavily in its hair.

Yeah, I admit to a certain amount of "watch the world burn" motivating my inner thoughts and emotions concerning politics. It's ugly, but it's in there. If the world is going to burn anyway, I might as well enjoy the show.


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