Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Omicronians got me

The Omicronians got me. (Well, I'm assuming that's the specific variant.)

The one person in the house who got a Covid test has tested positive, so I'm sure that's what we all have. We all got sick within 24 hours, with the same symptoms. 

I'm not upset about it.

Since I only had around 36 hours of feeling like I had a fairly bad cold, and only 6 hours of feeling like I had the flu, I call that a "win".

Plus, the worst part of a cold-- for me-- is the snuffy, runny nose, and this didn't come with that affliction, so I'm even happier with it.

Right around Christmas, I had thought-- and told some people-- that by the middle of January, I would either catch the Omicron Covid, or I wasn't going to catch Covid at all. So I was exactly on schedule, coming down with it on the 15th. Some people might not be as thrilled with this development as I am.

I still feel kind of "blah"-- worse in the mornings, better every evening, but that's sort of normal for me anyway. Mornings have never felt like "happy, healthy time" for me. I've still got various aches and pains and a cough. But I've kept going for my daily walk (or Gazelle session if it's cold outside), and I keep taking D3 and zinc. I expect to be back to normal soon. As normal as I ever am.


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