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Freedom of speech is non-negotiable

"You have to censor some kinds of speech!

Why? I don't buy it.

I'm against every instance of censorship, by any collective, government or corporate. Individuals have rights, collectives don't. I'm not even impressed with individuals who censor others.

"Hate speech", misinformation/disinformation, threats, inciteful speech, insightful speech, ALL of it.

Just as I would prefer 1000 guilty people escape punishment rather than one innocent person be wrongly punished, I would rather allow horrible things to be said than to silence one correct, but unpopular, word.

The best way to counter the speech some would censor is with more speech. Freer speech. Let those who say awful things be known for the things they say. Wouldn't you rather the bigots and monsters expose themselves openly so you'll know who they are? I would. Let the light shine on them and their opinions.

The only real (but misguided) excuse for censorship that holds any water at all is that government will punish the "platforms" that don't censor the speech of their users. This-- as with so many things-- is a government-created problem. Stop allowing government to create problems where none would otherwise exist.

Freedom of speech is non-negotiable, and all justifications are bunk.

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