Monday, February 17, 2014

Back to those two kinds of people

Continuing on yesterday's topic:

I don't care if you smoke pot, want to marry someone of the same gender, run a meth lab, be a cop, carry an AK-47 through the mall, call yourself the High-Falutin' Potentate of Planet Earth (or the President of the United States), obsess over the evils of the Demon Rum, eat only vegetables or only meat, speak English, Spanish, or Klingon, treat the sick. I don't care what shade of skin you wear, whether you have tattoos, piercings, or horn implants, rent your "favors", watch pornography or Disney cartoons, open a business, drive an SUV, listen to Justin What's-His-Name, or believe in borders, unicorns, and faeries. Those things are of little importance compared to what really matters.

The only thing that matters in the real world is that you don't use force against those who are not attacking you or violating your private property, physically, and that you don't violate the private property of others. Anything and everything else is your business, not mine. Even if I don't like it and it "offends" me.

You can be a Democrat, Republican, Communist, Fluffy-Wuffy, or any other flavor of Statist, and as long as you don't corner me where I need to defend myself (including my property) from your violations (or defend some other innocent person from the same) we can get along OK, whether we like one another or not. Why is that so hard for Statists to accept?

I would be perfectly content to let you go about your business in peace. Yet, that is almost the textbook definition- or at least the primary identifying feature- of a Statist: they can't permit others the same leeway. That is dead wrong.