Sunday, September 07, 2014

Coming up with any excuse for The State

A while back I saw a really silly, desperate grasp at justification for government:

"what do you think life will be like when anarchy rules and your fat, ugly next door neighbor decides to mate with his pet sheep in the front yard whilst playing hip hop through gigantic, window rattling speakers?"

And, what do you do if this happens now, under the US police state?

I certainly wouldn't call the cops on my strange neighbor. The cops might shoot him, and I don't think his behavior should be a capital offense. And, seeing how often it happens, I don't think it's worth the risk of being shot, myself, when the testosterone crazed cowards show up. And I value my daughter too much to invite cops into her presence.

As they say, "good fences make good neighbors", and if you live near enough to see other people on their own property from your house, you probably ought to invest in a fence if you worry about what you'll see.

"What you'll hear" is a more difficult matter, but again, distance is the cure for that. Or, just sit outside and enjoy it. Or, blast your own antidote on your own property and drown out what you don't want to hear. Plus, aren't there now computers which can neutralize sound? In a free market, those would probably get better, cheaper, and more common- just for things like the neighbor and his giant speakers.

It really bewilders me that people actually worry about things like this happening, and can't think of any way to "protect" themselves from it that don't involve aggression, theft, or that huge, gluttonous Combo Meal of the two: The State.