Sunday, February 02, 2014

"Stop hitting yourself!"

As a kid did you ever see a bully- possibly an older sibling- beating a smaller kid with the victim's own hands while chanting "Stop hitting yourself!"?

Well, apparently cops are those stupid bullies grown large.

So often in the case of people they brutally beat to death, the murderous cops can be heard screaming "Stop resisting!" as they beat their non-resisting victim to a bloody pulp- or beyond.  What's the difference?  Besides the fact that childhood bullies rarely continued until they were murderers.

I understand that the murderous cowards are trying to alter any witness's perceptions of reality- maybe if they chant the magic words loudly enough, and often enough, they will make them true.  Maybe any witness won't really watch too closely, and will assume from the girlish screams of the attacking pigs that the victim really is "resisting".  Unfortunately for the murderous cowards, videos aren't so easily fooled.  Unfortunately for civilization, the truth doesn't matter when the murderer wears a badge.

"Resisting arrest" isn't wrong- especially when you are being kidnapped under a counterfeit "law".

Never stop resisting.  If you find yourself under attack, kill your attacker if you have to, whoever it may be.  There needs to be a high price for being a thug, and sometimes it may be up to you to charge that price.


Thanks, and please consider it.