Sunday, March 22, 2015


If something shouldn't be done at all, it isn't better to privatize it.

Tax collecting, policing, or helping government in any way is evil. You wouldn't praise privatized executions or rape. Why praise privatized statism?

I was scolded a while back for not being enthusiastic at a Texas town's decision to shut down its police department and replace them with a private security force- one which did the exact same things that make police the bad guys: paid through theft, enforcing counterfeit rules, violating person and property. A difference which makes no difference isn't different, and certainly isn't an improvement.

Try again.

It's a sign of the deep indoctrination to believe the function of "policing" is so necessary that if government doesn't do it, you have to replace that function with something indistinguishable. Abolish the police and replace them with nothing... nothing but a universally armed populace.
Added: From "oooorgle" in comments comes this video. Watch it and see if you can figure out (without reading my comment response) why this wouldn't bother me, and why they wouldn't be what I am against.