Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Red Pill: "Down With Power"

I just recently finished reading L. Neil Smith's "Down With Power".  Excellent book!

Maybe not quite as excellent as "Lever Action", but I'm probably prejudiced since the latter book was the one that finally showed me where I fit in the scheme of the world.  And pretty much made me who I am today.  Whether you consider that a good thing or not being a separate issue altogether.

OK... maybe it is just as good.  The only reason I might choose "Lever Action" is purely emotional.

I recommend you get yourself a copy of "Down With Power", read it, and then loan it to people who need to read it.  If your "conservative" or "liberal" friends and family keep subjecting your to their vacuous statist opinions, invite them to get "the other side".  I'll bet the conversations will get more interesting.

They won't realize you have handed them "The Red Pill" until it is (hopefully) too late.