Monday, February 28, 2022

As in almost every case, in every country, the ruler is the enemy of the people and a threat to their well-being. The first step to recovery is always to neutralize the threat. If the Russian people get smart and take out Putin for self-preservation, then withdraw every invader from Ukraine, they should be allowed to go on with life and try to rebuild their country and economy without interference. 

"Civilian" = "Anyone not in our special club; lesser beings". "You people"/"Those people".
It didn't mean that in earlier times.

Common enough to be immune from bans

If everyone, every household at least, in the 1920s and '30s had owned a full-auto Tommy Gun or something similar, would government have still banned them? Or tried? (I know, technically it wasn't a "ban", just a prohibitive "tax" and harsh penalties.) I doubt it would have had the guts (or the guns) to do so.

I think there's a point where a thing is just too common for government to try to ban. It would affect too much of the population and just make people mad and non-compliant. Which might spread to other things.

Eighty-percent receivers and pistol braces and lightning links aren't common enough, and that's a shame. It emboldens the political criminals because who's going to stand up for that minority?

If I could afford to get one of each, just to have them, I'd do it. Just because.


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Sunday, February 27, 2022

COVID-19 not worth shutting down over

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for January 26, 2022)

As I write this I am wrapping up my own adventure with Covid-19. It didn't feel good, but it was nothing worth destroying the economy over. It was not worth any mandates, shutdowns, or other government overreaches.

When I think back on the worst illnesses or injuries in my life, this doesn't even make the top 100 list. Even those experiences in the top ten wouldn't convince me to violate your liberty in the tiniest degree to avoid them. If they could even be avoided by violating you, which is unlikely.

Your liberty and your natural rights matter more to me than comfort or convenience. They matter more to me than the risk of death.

Your experience might differ and you might disagree. It's a matter of values and priorities. Liberty is my priority. I'm willing to suffer and fight for your liberty, even if you don't appreciate it.

Now that the pandemic is over and Covid is endemic, it's just one of the various coronaviruses people will get regularly, regardless of any vaccines. Everyone will catch this, and new variants will arise constantly so you can catch it again. No one in the public will care what name is given to each new variant. For that matter, I doubt anyone outside scientific specialties or the fear industry will continue to care whether their cold is Covid, some other coronavirus, or a rhinovirus. You'll get sick, push through, and get on with life. This is simply how these things work.

Or, it's how it used to work before government decided to see what it could get away with and what people would tolerate. We tried this new way, and it was a circus of destruction. Time to toss it, and the political criminals who pushed it, on the garbage heap of mistakes never to be repeated.

Life can never be without risk. Trying to remove all the risk from life is too risky. The smarter plan is to figure out how to live with the risk.

Imagine if we allowed government to shut down our lives over every cold or flu virus. We'd soon sink into a new Dark Age. Some people would apparently like this to happen. Most of us wouldn't. It's time to stop listening to the fearmongers and authoritarian monsters. It's long past time to end the mandates they pretend can change the reality of common illnesses. It's time to get on with life.


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I am opposed to government trying to control "immigration".
I am opposed to government importing refugees.
I am opposed to government punishing people for defending their property, including by shooting trespassers.

Independent American States of the future

When Texas secedes, it will still be completely American, just no longer part of the United States of America. 

At that point, there will be The United States of America and The Independent American State of Texas, even if it's officially The Republic of Texas or something. 

Both would be "America" (with Texas arguably being the more American of the two) but no longer united under one political government.

This could still be the case if every state seceded but one. Imagine if only New Jersey and Maryland (to pick two examples of stubborn statist regions) remained in the United States of America (the two united states) with every other state being an independent state of America. 

Obviously, I'm opposed to states of any sort, but I'm still in favor of secession every time (including Ukraine). Right down to the level of the individual. Thoughts of secession make me smile and I hate unification.

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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Sue the pants off the liars, Kyle

I'm glad Kyle Rittenhouse plans to sue the media corporations who lied about him. I hope he wins. Did I also see he plans to sue political criminals who did the same? I hope that was correct and that he wins those, too. Political criminals need to be sued frequently and they need to lose every time they are in the wrong.

I believe in freedom of speech. That doesn't mean I believe there should be no consequences for lying. I'd much rather see the target of the lies sue than trust the liars of government to penalize media liars. Suing liars protects freedom of speech in a way that government is unable and unwilling to do. It's just a shame we are still saddled with non-credible government courts for such suits. Corporate media, including the fakenews industry, and political government are more likely to cover for each other's crimes than not.

The corporate media and political criminals did lie about Rittenhouse and the events that evening. Over and over again. I read many of those lies and knew they were lies as I read them. Other lies I probably didn't recognize as lies. But the target knows.

The w0ke will never accept the truth, even if Kyle wins his suits and even if the corporate fakenews reports the facts straight. But there needs to be a price for being professional liars and causing harm to the targets of those lies.


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Friday, February 25, 2022

Disguised as one of "them"

There's a good argument for being the "gray man" in any TSHTF situation. You don't want to attract raiders or authoritarian attention. 

Personally, I've never been able to blend in-- never at any point in my life, even when I tried really hard and even when I disguised myself to look like everyone else. Apparently, I can't act like the crowd and I always end up saying or doing something that makes people suddenly stop and stare. I speak from experience. (I accidentally stumbled across something that did work-- maybe I'll discuss that another time.)

But, I agree that being the "gray man" is better. I even have a "gray man" costume set aside for such emergencies. 

This train of thought brought a distasteful question to my mind: When TSHTF should you get in line for government food handouts to avoid drawing attention to your preps and so your preps will outlast those relying only on handouts? 

If people notice you aren't going for handouts, will they put two and two together and raid you? Of course, it's harder to notice the person who isn't there when "everyone" else is, but don't count on no one noticing.

Also, the handouts will run out at some point, and you don't want that to be around the same time that your stockpile runs out. If you can just outlast the xombie hordes your chances improve a lot.

If you also accept the handouts, once they stop you'll still have all your stockpile to live on.

This assumes the handouts aren't drugged, don't come with (other) non-negotiable strings attached, or that you won't let yourself become dependent. Those are all risks you'd have to weigh in your decision.

I'm not recommending this tactic. I probably wouldn't do it even if I thought it was smarter than the alternative. It's just something to think about and another piece of the survival puzzle.


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Thursday, February 24, 2022

It's only government overreach if the people do something substantive about it. Otherwise, it's just the new normal.

The unintended consequence of penalties

Many years ago (in a comment on a website) I pointed out that if the penalty for "getting caught" with a semi-automatic rifle was similar to the penalty for "getting caught" with a full-auto, then more people are going to just go ahead and own (and use) the full-auto weapons. Other than the price of ammo, what's the downside?

Years later, someone I respect wrote and told me how my observation had changed his perspective on the topic.

Well, we're there again.

If the penalty for disagreeing with government is similar to the penalty for actually fighting for liberty (the political criminals will call it "terrorism") then why participate in peaceful, civilized protests? Why not just start decorating lampposts? 

Canadians just missed their opportunity to show the world the way. I wish they had matched the escalation of the tyrannical Canadian government. But that's easy for me, who's not in Canada, to say. I'm not the one who'd have to live with the consequences. It's still a bit disappointing. 

If it's not time, it may already be too late.


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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Learnin' stuff

I guess the experiment worked. I learned something, anyway.

It appears GFM doesn't care about little crowdfunding campaigns that get no donations, so they didn't delete my ambiguously worded gun-funding campaign. I kind of figured they'd still notice anyway, but they must not have. I wonder what the donation threshold is before they notice-- I can safely assume it's somewhere between zero and $9 million.

And GiveSendGo didn't delete the one on their site, either. Not even after I edited to more clearly say it is for a gun purchase. Again, since it didn't get any donations, maybe it never came up on their radar. I'm more surprised that one didn't get any donations since I thought a more conservative audience might be sympathetic to the cause. But if they don't see it, they can't care and won't donate.

Of course, I also didn't push them as hard as I push campaigns for actual needs.

I haven't decided whether or not to leave them up. It's not hurting anything, so there's no rush to delete them as long as they haven't been flagged. I may share each one on FB one more time to see if anything happens, but after that just forget about them. It seems that's not a way to raise money for a gun. I suppose GFM (and Micheal Bloomberg) would be happy about that.


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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Wall is strong in this one

Have you ever noticed that you can point something out to someone and a few days later it's as though you said nothing?

I'm not talking about them just disagreeing with you-- that's normal-- but acting as though the conversation never even happened.

I see this a lot when talking with statists.

The one example that comes to mind is pointing out that the Constitution doesn't allow immigration control, and the statist seeming to hear and understand, but a couple of days later, hearing them talking again about "illegal aliens" in the same breath as criticizing the politicians they don't like for violating the Constitution on some other issue. I've experienced this more times than I can keep track of, including discussions about the War on Politically Incorrect Drugs and anti-gun legislation. It's bewildering to me. 

But I guess it depends on how badly they hate and/or fear the thing they want government to break the law to go after.

What to do? I could either say, again, that immigration control is unconstitutional (and therefore illegal) so that they can wipe it from their mind quickly again, or I can just take note of the phenomenon and put it in my brain's database for future reference. Which one I choose depends on how I feel at the moment.

On other issues or topics, political or personal, I do the same. I can either waste time and effort saying my piece again and again, or I can just move on. Eventually, I always move on since words and logic just don't break through the barrier.


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Monday, February 21, 2022

Idea: Photograph a 20 (50, or 100) dollar bill, give it a unique serial number prefix, do this multiple times and then sell each version for face value (if you can) as an NFT. Currency rules (not law) might encourage the FedRes vermin to harm you for doing so, unless you can do it within their guidelines. So, be careful. (This would honor Dead Presidents Day, right?)

"Let them eat cake."

I'm completely in favor of killing the bad guy who is after you.
I'm not in favor of premeditated conspiracy to commit murder-- "capital punishment". Not against anyone for any reason ever.

It makes no difference whether it's the BATFEces thug at your door, the freelance rapist, or even Hillary Clinton. 

So, no, I wouldn't support large-scale beheadings after/during a revolution to free ourselves of rulers and their thugs. The revolutionaries who do this are just as bad, in my opinion, as the political criminals they are killing. It's just revenge. 

There are better, ethical, ways of dealing with people like that. Smart people can think of some of them.

Happy Dead Presidents Day. (That's my favorite kind of president!)


Fun-raiser competition: GFM vs. GiveSendGo... Both still live; tied at $0.


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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Pay attention; it's your responsibility

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for January 19, 2022)

There's almost no one more dangerous than a driver who refuses to yield because they have the right-of-way. I've known people who got into accidents because the other person was supposed to move over or slow down, and didn't, and they weren't going to let the other guy "win".

When two drivers of this sort encounter one another, have your camera recording.

Personally, I think it's more important to avoid an accident than to be "in the right".

I've tried to teach my kids that their safety is always their responsibility. Responsibility isn't fun. It means you must pay attention and do what others won't.

When I'm walking or on my bike, I watch out for cars. I assume they don't see me, and I expect them to do their best to run over me. I'm grateful when they don't but I always make it my responsibility to avoid being hit.

When I'm driving, I still take the responsibility to avoid hitting anyone or anything and to avoid being hit by other cars. One trick I use is pretending that every vehicle I see is driverless, moving at random without anyone behind the wheel to control it. This usually works out well for me.

The responsibility is always one-hundred percent mine, whether I'm driving or navigating the world of cars. That can get tiresome, and I'm not claiming I pull it off perfectly. I have been in accidents when I failed to do what I know it is my responsibility to do.

Sure, the other people are also one-hundred percent responsible, but how are you going to make them accept it? Can you make them pay attention? You can only control yourself, no one else-- regardless of what politicians might believe. So which way will have better results for you?

It's also possible for a car to do something completely unexpected and hit you no matter how closely you're paying attention. Sometimes you just can't move fast enough, in the right direction, to get out of the way. Accidents will never be eliminated, but they can be minimized if you don't wait for other people to save you.

I don't care what traffic "law" dictates you to do; get out of the way even if you have the right-of-way if that's what it takes to avoid an accident. Always pay attention to your surroundings. Your life depends on it.


Thank you for helping support

Flying a US Federal flag-- Holy Pole Quilt-- in Texas, alongside a Texas flag, is like flying a Nazi flag in Israel, alongside an Israel flag. Kinda bizarre.

Should bans be banned?

Whenever ANYONE says something should be banned, they've lost my support, and often, my respect. 

If you don't like something, don't own it. But otherwise, it's not your business. 

Many political criminals say "ghost guns" should be banned. (A ban will fail to eliminate them.) Much of the public, being ignorant and afraid, go along with it.

I recently saw another guy saying to ban expandable batons, but what he was actually talking about was forbidding their use by government's aggression goons while on the "job". The problem solves itself if you fire all the goons-- or at least allow people to opt out of paying them if they (like me) don't have any use for the parasites. Let the tool either succeed or fail to defend, and let people choose.

I feel the same about drugs, cars, Crocs, Pit bulls, and whatever else someone might suggest banning. If someone misuses something, defend yourself (and others) but don't call for a ban-- the ban would just empower your Ancestral Enemies because they would be the ones enforcing it. 

Banning is just so stupid.

Stop forcing me to subsidize other people's choices and I don't care what you have.


Don't forget about the fundraiser comparison
It's still nothing to nothing, but neither has been flagged. Yet.

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Saturday, February 19, 2022

The crowdfunding test, part 2

Now, for comparison, I've started a GiveSendGo campaign. Exact same wording and everything-- I started to give more details (to say specifically it's to help me buy a gun), but decided that wouldn't be a fair test. I didn't even try to inspire tribe competitiveness by mentioning the GFM campaign and asking them to beat it.

I did raise the amount by a little because I am giving GiveSendGo a percentage (it was voluntary!) and to cover the percentage charged by the donation processor.

Now I'll watch and see.

Again-- this is not a critical need. It is just a frivolous fun thing I'd like. Don't stretch your finances thin by donating. I'd rather get lots of small donations than just a few big ones anyway.


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You do you

I don't have to like anything someone else likes. Me not liking it doesn't-- or shouldn't-- affect your enjoyment in the slightest.

So why do so many people act as though it does?

If I don't like something another person likes I'm not going to try to stop them from having/doing it. This obviously excludes if someone likes to rape or steal-- anything that violates others I have the right to stop them from doing.

But if I don't like your hairstyle or hair color? Or the clothes you wear? Who cares? It's none of my business anyway. Don't ask my opinion if you don't want to hear the truth.


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Friday, February 18, 2022

Taiwan is China's Confederacy. They left the abusive "Union", but the political criminals of that former union refuse to accept the divorce and will probably end up killing a huge number of their own kin to overthrow the results of that election and force them back in. I imagine that's how the US will react once Texas leaves.


"If you could only have one X, which would you choose?" One what? 
This is a question I see posed a lot about a wide variety of topics and things, from knives and guns to shoes and vehicles.

I don't let myself get painted into such corners very often. I understand that it would always depend on the specific situation. 

Where in the world do I find myself when this choice is forced on me?
What are the circumstances?
How much warning will there be?
What is available, both for me to choose from and in the world outside?
What season of the year is it?
How long is the situation likely to last? Days, months, or forever?  
What physical condition am I in?

All of those factors will affect my choice on everything.

This is why my bugout bag is too heavy. Depending on the specific circumstances I intend to discard things I'm not likely to need this time; caching them for later, if possible.

It's also why I EDC. If I don't have the opportunity to choose my "only one", I am at least carrying something useful for any situation I find thrust upon me. And I also know skills beat stuff.


Don't forget the fundraiser for the rotating, cylindrical liberty pill dispenser. Share it widely and let's see what happens.


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Thursday, February 17, 2022

It's possible I just dreamed up the most evil superpower imaginable: The Unhealing Touch.
One touch from someone with this power would make any old scar open back up, becoming a fresh wound again (imagine if the victim had survived open-heart surgery). Any broken bone returns to its freshly broken condition; any internal injuries sustained over the course of a life return. At a minimum, their belly button would start bleeding. And it all happens at once.
Come to think of it, I know people with this superpower... if you're talking about emotional wounds.

Wait... what was his "job"?

The upcoming local primary election I had previously mentioned as splitting along ethnic lines seems to have seen those lines blur a little recently. Not a lot, but some.

The non-Hispanic candidate for the judgeship is the former sheriff who was forced to retire-- due to some rule that was on the books-- when he started running for county judge. (His parents were friends with my grandparents, but I don't know him personally.)

His campaign signs declare his "Integrity, Honesty, Experience". Really?

People of integrity and honesty don't go into legislation enforcement. If they do, any integrity and honesty will be quickly sacrificed in order to keep the parasitic "job", paid with stolen money. But it's the "experience" part that I find most disturbing.

He was the sheriff, not a judge. I see no claim that he has ever been a judge. Is he saying he acted as a judge in his position of sheriff? How? Did he decide which counterfeit "laws" to enforce and which ones to ignore? I know he frequently enforced prohibition and anti-gun legislation and "speeding" rules-- it was in the newspaper's weekly "Sheriff's Report". Or did he hand out punishment to those he captured? I don't think either of those things is a sheriff's "job", and if he did them anyway it discredits the "Integrity, Honesty" claim.

Not that I think the other guy is any better. His slogan is something about it being time for a change. Yes, it is always time for some changes. But there are positive changes and negative changes. You don't make negative changes just because you want to change something. Maybe it's time to abolish the position of county judge. That could be a positive change that removes one more political criminal from a position of power.

I don't need either of them.


Don't forget the fundraiser for the rotating, cylindrical liberty pill dispenser. Share it widely and let's see what happens.


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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

(Not exactly) Just a test

I went ahead and opened the GoFu**Me campaign to see if
1) I can raise the money for the Liberty Pill Dispenser or
2) They'll figure out what it's for and remove the campaign and
3) How long until the campaign is removed.

At least, history suggests they'll refund any donations if the campaign is removed. And, on the off-chance it all goes through (and anyone donates), maybe I'll get to buy something non-essential, but fun.

On with the experiment. Here's the link again:

Added: So far, it's still up. But also has zero engagement. How's that for staying under the radar?


A product of government schooling educates me

On a "social" media platform, someone responded to my statement, "My appreciation for education explains my opposition to schooling. Especially government schooling" with this gem: "so you rather have religious indoctrination. You should read a history book" (all grammatical and spelling errors as in the originals).

I replied, "False dichotomy. Plus, government is the primary religion of our time,"

So this genius, "gayuncle2", struck back with, "I don't think you understand how dichotomy works religion is the biggest danger to our society and democracy now [...] Read a hustory book there is a reason tgey called it the dark ages"

So, he doesn't understand what a false dichotomy is and is trying to cover for that shortcoming. A product of the schools he thinks educated him, no doubt.

I responded again: "Government is the biggest religion. And, yes, it is a threat to society, as is democracy (mob rule).  Government indoctrination is why you believe otherwise."

Not sure I'll bother to respond again, but it is educational to interact with these people on occasion if only to see why society is in such trouble. "The more you know..."


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Monday, February 14, 2022

GoFu**Me is a cheater

Like many people, I was recently disappointed by the revelation of GoFu**Me's dishonest business practices. Disappointed, but not particularly surprised in these w0ke times.

I've used their service 4 times in the past-- once just to get some operating funds, twice for cats in need of medical help, and once to help someone else in the family after a tragedy. It worked well for those situations since they had no political overtones. I've donated through them many more times than that, and I am under the impression the money went where I wanted it to go.

Not sure I'll ever use them for myself again, though; not if I can find someone else I trust more. Someone not infected with Left-Statism-- I'd prefer no Statism whatsoever, but that may be unrealistic in these Statist times.

Most people say they don't want anyone to be able to raise money for terrorists, so they make allowances for such dishonest practices, even if it occasionally harms someone they might like. Making rules (and exceptions) for extreme situations makes for bad rules. Besides, who gets to define "terrorist"? The worse terrorists.

Yes, I realize the Ancestral Enemies enforce rules against sending money to those they don't like. No point in having more stringent rules than they do, though. I'd be pushing the envelope the other direction.

Me, I say you do what you want with your money-- donate to Biden, ISIS, or anyone else, no matter how bad they are, if that's what you want to do. It's your money.

If a company is going to allow funds to be donated, but then later say they'll decide if it'll be sent to the intended recipient or not, they've lost my trust. That's what they did with the donations to the Canadian Truckers (that should link to the better option). To me, they lost their say in that part of the process when they collected the first donation for that cause. After that, if they don't like where it's heading, they can change their rules for next time. But don't cheat by changing (or adding) rules in midstream.

When GFM's first choice was to send all the money-- 9+ million dollars of it-- to someone they approved of instead of the intended recipients, that was just about unforgivable. At least they reversed that stupid decision and said they'd refund all the donations. That wasn't enough, but it was better than outright stealing the money as was their first inclination.

As a protest, I thought briefly about setting up a GFM fundraiser for a "rotating cylindrical liberty pill dispenser" I've been wanting, to do a review on it just for fun. To see if I could word things ambiguously in such a way that it wouldn't be immediately flagged and removed before I got the money to purchase the item to review. But, worded in such a way that the donors knew exactly what I was talking about-- no fraud on my end. Who knows, I still might do that in the near future just to see what happens. But one thing I won't count on is actually getting any money that is collected. Not with them controlling the payout and getting to judge whether it is worthy or not.

Otherwise, I'll be waiting to see where all this goes, and who comes out of this looking better than GFM. It wouldn't take a lot.

Update: Nothing. Which isn't too surprising since I haven't put much effort into promoting this. But now I've started a campaign with a non-w0ke competitor, just to see what, if anything, happens. Again, yes, I would like to get the money to buy this gun, but this is not a critical situation. Don't put yourself out to donate. Plus, I'd rather get a lot of small donations than a few big ones. But do share it if you don't mind.

Thanks to those of you who have honored me with your support by subscribing or donating.
I really, truly appreciate it!

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Modern life not from government

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for January 12, 2022)

The conveniences of the modern world are all around us all the time, but I don't think I'll ever take them for granted.

One of my grandmothers grew up in this area during the Dust Bowl days. Her big family was crowded into a two-room, dirt-floored shack without indoor plumbing or electricity. They traveled by horse-drawn wagon and their water was dipped from a cistern; they didn't even have a windmill. They picked cotton by hand, dragging the heavy sacks behind them. She grew up living basically the same life as someone born in this region a hundred years earlier could have lived.

The Great Depression probably didn't even affect her family, at least it never figured into any of the stories she told about growing up.

When I was a kid, the old shack was still standing and I visited it with her a couple of times.

Their life wasn't easy, but it was good enough.

So maybe it's understandable that I can still marvel at things like indoor plumbing with running water and flush toilets and at electricity.

It's not as though I've ever had to live without those things, but I realize how few of the people who have ever been alive had them.

Anything which has been around such a short time can go away easier than you suppose. There's little chance they'll go away in our lifetime, but over the long term, the chances are fairly high.  If something happens and these modern conveniences go away, the radical socialists who use the environment as their excuse would quickly realize how bad this would be for the environment. Truthfully, I think they already know, they just don't care as long as it kills off most humans.

I'm not content to be dependent on modern conveniences. I enjoy making fire without lighters or matches, but the ability to make fire with primitive methods makes me value the ease of using a lighter even more highly. It's the same with every skill.

I'm grateful to all the researchers, experimenters, and workers who have given us the good things of the modern world. Some others would also like credit.

Government would like you to believe it brought about this modern world's peace, prosperity, and safety. Yet the truth is, when these things are the norm it's in spite of political government, not because of it. Appreciate the heroes, not the freeloaders.


Thank you for helping support

Covid wrap-up

Covid is a coronavirus, which means it is a cold virus. This is why it's not the flu (which is caused by influenza viruses, not coronaviruses). Arguing that Covid is or is not "like the regular flu" makes as much sense as arguing over whether a whale is or is not like a regular elephant. It's silly and makes the arguers look ignorant.

I doubt Covid was created and released intentionally (but it might have been) even though I consider it plausible-- even likely-- that it came from a government lab. 

I don't believe there was ever any meeting of all the ruling political criminals of the planet where they plotted together to use this as an excuse to grip the populations tighter and ratchet up the tyranny and authoritarianism. I think they just seize any opportunity that they can, without even thinking about it and without needing to discuss it among themselves. It's their nature as political criminals, no conspiracy needed.

Mandates-- beyond the mandator's private property-- are never within anyone's rights to impose. No emergency can justify them. Liberty matters more to me than safety (protection of life). I oppose anything that violates liberty.

The politicized experts lied. Over and over again. As usual.

I lost almost all confidence in doctors and health experts over the past couple of years. I lost respect for many others, too. From scientists and skeptics to celebrities I had previously thought were smart. The government-supremacism that some harbor came bubbling to the surface, then overflowed during this time. If you decry the "anti-science" and "conspiracy theories" of the other side without acknowledging your own, well... too bad for you.

Masks do cause a decrease in oxygen-- I did the tests on myself. Whether or not they reduce disease transmission is irrelevant to the question as to whether it's OK to impose a mask mandate. It's not. Wear one if it makes you feel better, but leave others alone to wear them or not. If you're scared to be around maskless (or "unvaccinated") people, you have the right to stay home.

The Covid shots seem unnecessary and not particularly effective, regardless of whether or not they are safe. That's the same thing I think about the yearly flu shots, and why I have never gotten one. Just not worth it to me. If you want to get a shot that you hope will make you safer, go ahead, that's your business. Just don't try to force others to take the shot, too. And don't impose or support segregation based on whether someone has the shot or not.

After going through Covid myself, I know-- for me-- it was worse than any other cold I've had... for about 6 hours on the second day, during which time it felt like a bad flu. The rest of the time it felt like a cold but without the nasal congestion and leakage, which to me is the worst part of having a cold. Even though those 6 hours were bad, with the flu I feel that bad for 3 days straight. So, it was better than the flu, by far. (I haven't actually had the flu in a decade or more, but I used to get it every year without fail.) The cough lasted a few weeks, but eventually faded away. It's mostly gone now, and hasn't bothered me for the past week or so. It was NOT worth the shutdowns and lockdowns and economic devastation to try to avoid catching (or spreading) this illness. It was not worth the fearmongering and the mental anguish that was triggered by government and the corporate media in the less-resilient members of the population.

"Long (-Haul) Covid" seems to me to merely be confirmation bias. You'll see what you're looking for. If you're a generally sickly person who has a history of health problems, after Covid you'll be diagnosed with Long Covid when nothing has really changed (you and the doctors will just have a label to put on it now). You might undergo more tests which could discover "new" (or previously undiscovered) problems which can be blamed on Covid. If you're generally a healthy person, you'll probably have the same experience with Covid that you do with other respiratory illnesses. When I've caught the flu, it usually takes me a couple of months to feel normal again-- I recovered from Covid in less than half that time.

Yes, there will probably be new variants for us to catch from now to eternity, until a real cure for coronaviruses is found. But what does it matter? That's the case with other colds and flus, and probably lots of other illnesses as well. Life goes on if you let it.

There's only one local business that asked me to put on a mask (about 6 months ago, maybe more). I didn't put one on but immediately left instead, and I haven't been back. And I probably won't go back. I'm done with the Covid stupidity, and have been for a long time.

There's no credible justification for any lockdowns, mandates, or segregation. Stop tolerating it, or ignore the "rules". Refuse to comply with the control freaks and political criminals. They are not on your side.

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I really, truly appreciate it!

Friday, February 11, 2022

Kent's Cabinet of Wonders

I have a little cabinet full of ammunition-- my "Bullet Display". It hangs on my living room wall and has followed me from place to place for many years. through all sorts of upheavals. It gets added to occasionally, but not so often anymore.

Most of the cartridges it holds don't fit any firearm I have. A lot of them were in a big cardboard box of ammo (and other things) an old man once gave me at a flea market. I found homes for the ones I couldn't use-- other than keeping one of anything I didn't have in the cabinet.

People have given me cartridges after seeing the cabinet and discovering it lacks something they have. At current prices, that may not happen much anymore.

People nearly always seem to find it interesting, even if they aren't "gun people".

It's just one of the collections I have.

My son wants to inherit this cabinet and its contents when I'm gone. He hasn't asked for my skull collection or my kerosene lamp collection. Can't figure out why.

Added: After my son read this post he texted to say he would display my skulls and lamps proudly.


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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Letting the terrorists define "terrorist"

And it's only gotten worse since 2012

It's telling that pro-liberty has become (to the "mainstream", anyway) synonymous with "anti-government". What this tells me is that government (and pro-government) is anti-liberty.

I believe this has always been the case; some believe there can be a pro-liberty political government.

In recent years government has tried hard to paint everyone who opposes its tyranny as a potential, or active, domestic terrorist. This is a lie.

Government is the domestic terrorist cell. It is the terrorism threat-- the biggest one and the only one any of us is likely to encounter. They try to point the finger elsewhere, at things that aren't a fraction of the threat they themselves pose. 

And why wouldn't they? They can get away with it because they define the crime.

Anyone who supports government is an enemy of liberty.

Not all governments employees are equally bad, though.

There's a difference between a librarian at the public [sic] library and the scum that works for BATFEces. Yes, both live on stolen money, but the librarian provides a service the market would otherwise provide while the BATFEces trash doesn't. Eliminate the state and there will probably still be libraries (of some sort) with librarians, but there would be no BATFEces anymore. 

Libraries serve people, BATFEces serves only the political criminals who believe they own you. Librarians aren't domestic terrorists just by existing, BATFEces employees are. That's a monumental difference.


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Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Know who I don't trust?

I don't trust government with my health, my safety, my security, my liberty, my property, my money, my information... nothing. 

That's because I don't trust government-- the state-- ever, with anything. I don't consider it legitimate. It's not credible. It is criminal. 

Why would I trust it or depend on it to do things right? I can't think of a reason, either.


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Monday, February 07, 2022

The Constitution's biggest mistake

I was talking to someone a while back and they were complaining that government doesn't obey the Constitution. Of course, this person is anti-"illegal immigration" and I pointed out that this, too, goes against what the Constitution allows government to do. Surprisingly, I didn't get any pushback on this. For once.

Anyway, I said that the only thing that might have saved the Constitution would have been a clause that specified that killing politicians for any reason would never be a crime and could never be punished, and which could never be rescinded without invalidating the whole document (and thus abolishing the "Union"). This shocked her, but she didn't disagree. (I mentioned this same idea in a recent reply to a comment to another post.)

Blaming our forbears for not "defending" the Constitution well enough is just silly. 

Letting government decide what's "constitutional" or not was doomed to fail-- it is always going to keep moving in the direction of more power for itself. It's always going to criminalize anything that would be effective at stopping this development.

There would have had to be a remedy that was beyond the reach of government. One that was in the hands of each and every individual; up to one person, not to the majority.

Would that have been enough? Would it have at least been better? I don't know, but it's the only thing that might have worked. The founders failed to include that, and here we are. It's too late now.


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Sunday, February 06, 2022

Can't join Libertarian party, either

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for January 5, 2022)

I'm libertarian, uncapitalized, to separate the ethical philosophy I follow from the political party I can't.

A Libertarian, capitalized, is a member of the Libertarian Party.

Ethical libertarianism is based on the recognition that no one has the right to use-- or threaten-- violence, personally or politically, against anyone who isn't currently violating the life, liberty, or property of another. This is the guiding principle which distinguishes a libertarian from anyone else. Follow it and you're libertarian, don't and you're not.

"Classical liberals", who believe in the legitimacy of a "night watchman" state, sometimes refer to themselves as libertarians. They want a government to claim a monopoly of force and run institutions and services too important for government to be running. This is closer to what the Libertarian Party appears to stand for, but it isn't for me.

The Libertarian Party seems to value "smaller government" over liberty or any guiding principle.

Many Libertarian Party members are confused about why more libertarians won't support their party.

Maybe I would if they were more libertarian. I was once, for a year or so, a member of the Libertarian Party. I couldn't stay with the party because they didn't seem very libertarian and were too political. The politics seemed more important to them than being libertarian; so important they kept nominating candidates with completely anti-liberty positions. They probably did this because those candidates seemed more electable. I felt they ignored libertarianism for a chance to sit at the government table with Democrats and Republicans. If that's what matters to them, they can do it without me.

A half-joking description of political Libertarians goes, "Libertarians; plotting to take over the world and leave you alone". Yet some people are scared to be left alone, wanting to be told how to live, and they are going to see this as a threat. A more libertarian approach might say "Plotting to keep anyone from taking over the world so you can live life as you see fit". As long as you don't violate others.

I don't support politics of any sort. I understand the appeal of winning political office, if only to keep someone worse from getting the power. I don't see any benefit in gaining the office if you betrayed your principles to win. If you're going to act like the people you replaced, why bother? Unless it's only about the power.
I could sure use some monetary influx.

Reality and truth are the enemies of w0keness. But w0keness doesn't worry either of them at all.

Choose: prosperity or government

It's gotten to the point where you're going to have to make a choice-- do you want to keep supporting political government or do you want America (or any place where you live) to enjoy prosperity?

Political government is a drain. It's a millstone around your neck; shackles on your hands and feet.

It's expensive to fund and it destroys prosperity wherever it exists. It gets in the way of trade and still demands a cut of every trade you manage to make in spite of its interference. It steals your property to fund gangs who claim to protect your property. It enslaves and molests and calls this "freedom" and "security". It picks fights and then forces you to die in its place. 

It's a parasite posing as the host.


Wouldn't you rather build up your society instead of letting government tear it down? I know I would.


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Saturday, February 05, 2022

The freak show

Social media is a freak show.

Sure, it's probably always been one, but it only seems worse now. 

I don't have TikTok, but have recently been "treated" to some of its "amazing" content by others. Largely it seems to be a contest to see who can act the most mentally ill to attract views. People actually watch these "content creators" nap, eat, or suck on a baby bottle.

On second thought, it may be that the worse mental issues are on the viewer's side of the screen.

Suddenly girls selling bodily gases in jars almost seems noble.

And I thought Facebook was dumb! (Well, it is, but by comparison, it looks sophisticated and intelligent.)

But, whatever. It's not breaking my leg or picking my pocket. I'm not being forced to participate or fund it. I'm just observing the situation... and backing away slowly.

By avoiding such things as much as possible, I'm gaining an advantage over those pulled in by the time-wasting sites. At least it makes me feel better about myself.


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Friday, February 04, 2022

Criminals on a crime spree-- BATFEces spins out of control

Crime, real crime, is an action that violates life, liberty, or property. Sometimes these actions also violate legislation, not that this matters. Of course, that irrelevant bit is the only part government-- a gang of criminals-- cares about.

Any government making up or enforcing any rules concerning weapons is crime.

The BATFE (they like to be known as the "ATF") is a gang of criminals, founded by another gang of criminals-- in direct violation of that gang's charter-- to commit crimes against gun owners. Their very existence is a crime, and every act they commit is another crime.

Now, this gang of criminals is raiding Amish dairy farms, kidnapping YouTubers, and kidnapping people over little sheets of metal that these goons dishonestly call a machine gun. This reminds me of when these criminals declared shoelaces to be machine guns in an earlier era. Stupid, or just evil? Even if they were machine guns, enforcing any government policy against them-- or any weapon-- is a crime. 

It has also recently been discovered that this gang of criminals is keeping records-- in clear violation of the laws which apply to their actions-- of something like a billion guns (and thus, the owners of those guns). If you ever imagined they weren't keeping track, you're vulnerable to sleazy bridge salesmen.

No good person would work for this gang UNLESS it was as a mole, working diligently to destroy every record they could get their hands on and otherwise saving people from the clutches of the gang. 

The BATFEces needs to be flushed away. Their criminal task not reassigned to anyone else, but abolished, and all records shredded, burned, along with all their computers, which should be ground into dust along with their charred bones. Why would anyone tolerate the existence of this criminal gang?


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Thursday, February 03, 2022

Hey Canadians, "Time's Up" is for everyone

Recent events have demonstrated the stunning evil of the government-supremacists, and the depth of their lies.

Some such losers on Reddit were celebrating a truck driver being fired for draping a "right-wing terrorist flag" on his company truck. Because those Reddit losers are so w0ke and informed and all. 

A "listed terrorist entity"? Listed by whom? The Southern Poverty-pushing "Law" Center? LOL!! Zero credibility there.

It was only a "Three-percenter" flag. I disagree with the statism of many (or most) of the Threepers, but they aren't terrorists. (I accept that they might terrorize cowardly Left-Statists, though. But what opposition wouldn't?) I even incorporated the "III"-- with the permission of the originator-- into my proposed coin design that never got off the ground. 

This "terrorist" characterization is a lie just like the dangerous lie about Oathkeepers, another group I fundamentally disagree with, but which I won't lie about for Social Credit points.

I understand that a trucking company has the right to employ whomever it wants, and can prohibit any signs or flags on its trucks. Yes, they are jerks for firing the driver regardless, especially if they allow pro-tyranny designs, but whatever.

Anyway, I got to thinking: Time's Up flags would work just as well for liberty-hungry Canadians. I know the Gadsden flag isn't really part of their history, but this one could be. It applies everywhere, regardless of which authoritarians are trying to stamp out liberty.

Sure, if the corporate media or Left-Statist liars ever discovered the design it would get called "right-wing" and a "terrorist flag" too. Those liars can't think outside of their box, so would be desperate to categorize it in a way that makes sense in their hallucination, no matter how wrong they are. So in a way, I'm glad the design never got famous, even though it has had some close calls over the years. This way it can still have some utility without the baggage.


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Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Bits and pieces-- Bad neighbors, Neil Young, and Canadian Truckers

Bad neighbors:
There are two neighboring households I'd like to feed to the wolves. One can't be bothered to get their trash in the dumpster. Often doesn't even put it in bags, so that it blows around. They also toss in trash cans full of used toilet paper(!), so you can imagine my joy at that blowing around. The other trespasses regularly, just walking through my yard right past the "No trespassing" sign. When they were moving in, they actually parked their cars in my yard. And their visitors-- of which there are many since they often have large gatherings-- park and partly block my driveway for entire days. I've tried being nice and I've also been reduced to telling them to stay out of my yard. No effect. I've also watched them throw fast food bags from their vehicles into my yard. They are just the worst. Thank goodness for the one neighbor who doesn't do anything like these others, but who is nice, respectful, and helpful.

Neil Young: In my opinion, he's a piece of trash, just like anyone who demands censorship (or like my bad neighbors). As far as I know, I've never listened to one of his songs. The only thing I know of him I heard in the song Sweet Home Alabama, which gave me a negative impression of him that has stuck. It looks like he's been doing this sort of thing for many decades. I'm always going to side against the person who says "Do what I demand or I'm taking my toys and going home". All he did by making this demand was make my impression of him even more negative than it was before. I don't need him around, anyhow.

Canadian truckers: How is it "fascist" to demand an end to fascism? Well, that's what it is according to the Covidians and government-supremacists. I'm never in favor of a protest getting in the way of normal people who are just trying to go about their lives. But, in this case, the truckers are trying to stop others from getting in the way of normal people trying to go about their lives, so it's a little fuzzier than usual. And I always hate the control freaks a little extra. See the above about Neil Young.


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For your tool kit

I don't know if you've ever run across it, but I recently found the videos by Academy of Ideas, and all of the ones I've watched so far are excellent. Here's an example: Why We Can't Vote Our Way to Freedom (They are also on Vimeo)

I wasn't familiar with this group/individual/academy before I ran across a video from them a week or so back. Maybe you already knew about them.

It's another tool to place in your kit, alongside TOLFA and (I hope) my blog. Take advantage of it.


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