Saturday, January 23, 2016

When boldness isn't

Many years ago, in one of the less pleasant places I have lived, there was a rash of convenience store robberies.

The sheriff took bold action by stationing armed deputies in the back of random convenience stores. Robbers couldn't be sure if the store they were planning to hold up was one of the stores picked that day or not.

According to the narrative as I remember it, the robberies pretty much stopped. If that's accurate, it is a good thing. But...

The problem is, the sheriff's act wasn't bold. It was more of the same. Just more armed government employees instead of the real solution: reminding people of their right (and I would say, duty) to be self-responsible armed individuals.

Instead of some minor percentage of convenience stores having an armed defender, almost all of them could have been protected. Without paying overtime to any tax junkie.

The sensible solution to just about everything is so clear, but it always proves the uselessness of government, so it will never be advanced by statists.