Monday, May 08, 2017

Mansion vs Tiny House

Why do people get so worked up over how other people live? To the point of anger, name-calling, and saying "everyone must live this way!"

I see people scolding others for owning "too much stuff". Preaching "get rid of all clutter". Unfortunately, much of the time what a minimalist sees as "clutter" is what you'll need in a "grid down" situation, or even a lesser event.

I understand the desire for getting rid of anything not essential and downsizing. I also see the pitfalls.

It's the same with people who pride themselves on their "tiny house".

I think those over-priced tiny houses are cool. I like the way they use space (or, at least how the well-designed ones do). This is the same reason I love to explore RVs.

I also see how fragile they are to outside conditions-- and I don't mean only weather. Again, if you don't have space to store "preps" or some backup supplies ("two is one and one is none") you are vulnerable to the whims of the economy and Murphy's Law. You are more likely to become a burden on others if you don't have anything set aside for rough times. You have no cushion when you are down to bare-bones.

I understand the reason some people see a big house and lots of possessions as wasteful. And, for some people they probably are. Having a huge mansion so you have space for your dusty Beanie Baby collection, but never keeping more than a couple day's worth of food (and no stored water) in your house probably doesn't make a lot of sense. But who am I to judge?

It's not my business if you want to live in a tiny house or in a mansion. It's not my business if you are a hoarder or if you hate all clutter and pride yourself for downsizing. Neither way is wrong. Why not focus on things that matter-- such as whether the person living in that house is a thief or rapist?

As long as you don't violate others, do what works for you. Don't let anyone pressure you into feeling guilt where there is none.


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