Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shaneen Allen is denied justice again

There's more news about State victim, Shaneen Allen.

Now the corrupt "judge" denies her request to drop the bogus charges.

Not that I'm surprised, since this is what you get when you allow the conflict of interest with State employees being involved in cases where The State is one of the interested parties (the imaginary one, at that!).

Wish I could save you from the cannibal clowns, Shaneen.


Another question- Time's Up items

Now that I have Time's Up patches offered for sale, are there any other items you might be interested in? Other than flags.

Some of the items I have considered include bumper stickers, key rings, lighters, pens, calendars, yard signs, "do rags", rubber stamps, and Christmas ornaments.

I'm open to suggestions if you think of anything else people might like.


Self evaluation time

I write for you, my readers. This makes you my employer. And you get a very good deal because you can choose whether to pay me or not- and whether to even notice me or not.

And I'll probably continue to write, either way.

I get a good deal because no one person can really fire me or coerce me in what I write. Well, the newspaper gig could, but I get more money from donations and subscriptions, anyway.

I always wonder: Am I doing the right thing by writing about liberty? Would I be more effective doing something else- or nothing at all; just living it, instead?

As long as I keep getting your support and comments, I'll keep thinking I am doing some good. Feel free to chime in to tell me otherwise.