Thursday, February 08, 2018

Your... duty?

Do you have a duty-- a responsibility-- to government?

Yes, you do. You have the duty to keep it from violating you or anyone else. The same as your duty toward any other thug.

Anyone who imagines other duties is hallucinating or doesn't understand duties, responsibilities, government, or rights.

This is very common among those who fear rights and don't want to see rights put ahead of whatever brand of collectivism they love. They whine about how people "only talk about rights", preferring to emphasize responsibilities instead, while ignoring that living within your liberty, and not violating the liberty of others, is your main responsibility. It is where all your other responsibilities come from. You can not separate responsibilities from rights and liberty. It simply isn't possible, unless you turn your back on the responsibilities that don't feel good to you.

And make no mistake: government extremists HATE rights and liberty, no matter what they say. They want to pretend you have a duty to prop up the State with your life, liberty, and property. They lie.

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