Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Poking Chinese dragons

Twitter gives insignificant people like me the opportunity to poke at the Chinese government. That's actually more fun than you might imagine.

The guy above posted this and I responded:

This guy...

... jumped in to boost his social credit score.

Oooh! Cultural appropriation! How horrible! You should never "pirate" anything you appreciate from other cultures. I'm sure he uses nothing "pirated" from European cultures.

(How much do you want to bet he's also Chinese government-- I mean, he has access to Twitter while the common people in China are banned from using it.)

Anyway, he had a couple of responses to me:

And also this:

Some "freedom"... He can join RuAdolf Giuliani in misdefining "freedom" to be something government-supremacists prefer

I finished off with this (which I sort of copied from L. Neil Smith's takedown of Abe Lincoln):

Now, I don't give a flying hump about the evil government of Taiwan, however I wasn't replying to that government's tools, but to a tool of the Chinese government. And I do approve of secession. Always.

It's fun to aggravate governments. If something happens to me in the near future, the China government (or maybe their buddy in the White House) probably did it. 


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