Monday, March 04, 2024

How open American "borders" could save the world

If having open "borders" is a magnet for criminals, as the borderists like to claim. that could work to the advantage of all decent people, all over the world. If it is allowed to. 

All it would take is to turn America into a meat grinder for criminals. 

Let everyone in-- as is ethical-- then respect the natural human right to own and to carry weapons everywhere we go, and the concurrent fundamental human right to use those weapons in defense of life, liberty, and property against ALL violators. 

If criminal migrants are a real issue, this would solve it almost immediately. With the bonus of solving the problem of home-made criminals at the same time. All it requires is for government to stop being criminal.

That's because the real issue is people who archate, not where those archators were born or which government pretends to own them.

Eliminating the bad guys at scale will benefit the entire human race. The countries of origin will be better off. The people in America will be better off. Everyone wins! Well, everyone except for criminals (including politicians).

Here are some of the