Monday, June 10, 2013

Criminalizing reality- wisdom from an unlikely source

"So think about this. What happens when you make something illegal that is just a natural part of the world? You may as well make flies illegal. Or sweat. Or Monday morning." 

Profound quote, isn't it.  Where would you think I came across that one?

In a kids movie: The Tale of Despereaux.  I recommend it.

I like to imagine that little things like this slip into a kid's brain.  And maybe, just maybe, sit in there like a seed.  Sprouting and taking root.  I know my daughter surprises me all the time with things she remembers that I thought she didn't even notice.

And I hope those kids then realize that there are two kinds of things that are a "natural part of the world".  There is the coercive and the consensual.

Aggression and theft- unfortunately- both seem to be a "natural part of the world", but a part that should be opposed.  Or at least not engaged in.  Laws that make them illegal don't make them go away, though.  They only give written justification for defending yourself from those who engage in them- justification that is not necessary.

Then there are the things like Cannabis, self defense, defense of property, consensual sex, etc., that are not valid targets for "law".  They are a "natural part of the world" and any "law" against them is pointless, at best, and destructive in the majority of cases.  Trying to make them illegal is like the example of making flies, sweat, or Monday mornings illegal.  You'll never get rid of those things; you'll hurt a lot of innocent people in the process and make yourself look stupid and irrelevant.

But control freaks and those who throw law tantrums and legal hissy fits are slow learners- if they can learn at all.