Monday, February 14, 2022

GoFu**Me is a cheater

Like many people, I was recently disappointed by the revelation of GoFu**Me's dishonest business practices. Disappointed, but not particularly surprised in these w0ke times.

I've used their service 4 times in the past-- once just to get some operating funds, twice for cats in need of medical help, and once to help someone else in the family after a tragedy. It worked well for those situations since they had no political overtones. I've donated through them many more times than that, and I am under the impression the money went where I wanted it to go.

Not sure I'll ever use them for myself again, though; not if I can find someone else I trust more. Someone not infected with Left-Statism-- I'd prefer no Statism whatsoever, but that may be unrealistic in these Statist times.

Most people say they don't want anyone to be able to raise money for terrorists, so they make allowances for such dishonest practices, even if it occasionally harms someone they might like. Making rules (and exceptions) for extreme situations makes for bad rules. Besides, who gets to define "terrorist"? The worse terrorists.

Yes, I realize the Ancestral Enemies enforce rules against sending money to those they don't like. No point in having more stringent rules than they do, though. I'd be pushing the envelope the other direction.

Me, I say you do what you want with your money-- donate to Biden, ISIS, or anyone else, no matter how bad they are, if that's what you want to do. It's your money.

If a company is going to allow funds to be donated, but then later say they'll decide if it'll be sent to the intended recipient or not, they've lost my trust. That's what they did with the donations to the Canadian Truckers (that should link to the better option). To me, they lost their say in that part of the process when they collected the first donation for that cause. After that, if they don't like where it's heading, they can change their rules for next time. But don't cheat by changing (or adding) rules in midstream.

When GFM's first choice was to send all the money-- 9+ million dollars of it-- to someone they approved of instead of the intended recipients, that was just about unforgivable. At least they reversed that stupid decision and said they'd refund all the donations. That wasn't enough, but it was better than outright stealing the money as was their first inclination.

As a protest, I thought briefly about setting up a GFM fundraiser for a "rotating cylindrical liberty pill dispenser" I've been wanting, to do a review on it just for fun. To see if I could word things ambiguously in such a way that it wouldn't be immediately flagged and removed before I got the money to purchase the item to review. But, worded in such a way that the donors knew exactly what I was talking about-- no fraud on my end. Who knows, I still might do that in the near future just to see what happens. But one thing I won't count on is actually getting any money that is collected. Not with them controlling the payout and getting to judge whether it is worthy or not.

Otherwise, I'll be waiting to see where all this goes, and who comes out of this looking better than GFM. It wouldn't take a lot.

Update: Nothing. Which isn't too surprising since I haven't put much effort into promoting this. But now I've started a campaign with a non-w0ke competitor, just to see what, if anything, happens. Again, yes, I would like to get the money to buy this gun, but this is not a critical situation. Don't put yourself out to donate. Plus, I'd rather get a lot of small donations than a few big ones. But do share it if you don't mind.

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