Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The world is topsy-turvy

In the future, medical science may find a way to actually change a person’s sex. If you think I'd be against that you'd be wrong. I would consider this progress; a good thing. 

I suspect this may turn out to be harder than achieving a self-sufficient civilization on Mars, but maybe I’m wrong. I hope both come to pass. 

For now, though, all that’s available is medicalized cosplay. It sentences nearly all of its victims to a lifetime in a sexual “uncanny valley”, where— at best— people they meet are expected to pretend not to notice something’s “off” about their appearance. 

To claim this is intended to help their long-term mental health flies in the face of reality. 

I wouldn’t prohibit it, but I can’t be evil enough to encourage it. Especially not for kids and teens. 

But encouraging this (or even shoving people down this one-way path) is called “compassionate” while telling the truth about the situation, and warning people of the consequences of what they are considering doing to themselves, is called “hate”. The world is topsy-turvy.

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