Thursday, July 23, 2020

Conservative copsuckers blame leftist politicians

Someone forwarded an email to me full of "memes". In one, it said something like "Did you ever notice that the police leave you alone if you aren't doing anything wrong?" Another showed a 911 operator and said something like "911, what is your emergency? Oh, I see you v*ted to defund the police. We'll send someone to visit you in 3 to 5 business days." While another showed the St. Louis couple guarding their home with their guns, saying something like "This is why you need an AR15".

I should have left it alone, but I replied.

I said that yes, the guy who used an AR15 (or whatever specific type of firearm that actually was) used his gun to defend his home, and then the cops, who will supposedly leave you alone if you are doing nothing wrong, came and stole all his firearms, leaving him at the mercy of other thugs. So much for being protected by police. And that this is why I am in favor of defunding the police and the politicians who control them.

The guy wrote back and said what the cops did wasn't right, but that it is the "leftist politicians" who are at fault.

Conservatives apparently imagine that if you just got the "right kind" of politicians holding the leashes of the police that the police would turn into the heroic saviors the conservatives seem to want so badly for them to be. Nope. That will never happen. Good people don't seek a job that gives them that kind of power over others. Not politics or policing.


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