Friday, September 22, 2017

Liberty out the Yinyang!

Several years ago, my online friend Kevin Wilmeth brought Taoism to my attention and sent me a copy of the Tao Te Ching. It turns out Taoism is an early libertarian philosophy, and is pretty interesting. (You probably knew that long before I did.)

Anyway, recently I saw a video that once again brought it to mind. This was a video on the Taoist symbol, the Yin and Yang, by Jordan B. Peterson.

In it he basically points out that too much chaos will kill you, but so will too much order. You need to be balanced between the two extremes to have a good, meaningful life. Relating that back to Yin & Yang, this balanced life follows the narrow curving line down the middle between Yin and Yang; between chaos and order. You need one foot in each domain.

I find this interesting because that narrow winding path has a name: libertarianism.

Liberty strikes the balance perfectly because of its self-limiting nature.

Another thought I had about this...
I've noticed that there are those pairs where both are good in their own way (chaos-order, masculine-feminine, day-night, etc.) and those where both are equally bad (authoritarian-decadence, fascism-nihilism). There don't seem to be any pairs where one is bad and the other is good (or neutral). Or, at least I haven't come up with any.

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