Friday, April 28, 2023

Don't walk behind a sick elephant or you might slip in a Dettelbach

I really don't respect politicians. But... I did enjoy seeing Thomas Massie humiliate BATFEces director Steven Dettelbach with regard to the illegal and ignorant pistol brace rule. And, no, I'm not generally a fan of Massie either, even though he sometimes does good stuff like this.

In the clips I saw on the confrontation, Massie was relentless and the BATFEces trash was utterly outgunned and outclassed.

That slimy puddle of diarrhea-- Steven Dettelbach-- couldn't even explain what his gang is doing or what they think their illegitimate rules apply to. All he could do was look exasperated as he fumbled with his excuses.

If America were still America, Dettelbach would not be working to violate your liberty while you are forced to pay him for his crime spree. At least, he wouldn't be doing this in a safe way, but would have to risk his life like any other crook every time he chose to show up for "work". As it is, that nasty criminal gets to commit his crimes openly without fear of justice.

The recent kidnapping and caging of Matt Hoover/CRS Firearms and Justin Ervin should be the straw that breaks the camel's back and ends the "ATF" gang's crime wave forever.

The "ATF" needs to be abolished and replaced with nothing. And it needs to happen now. There is nothing legitimate they do, they have no "authority", and all the power they wield is stolen from you and me. They are garbage.

I hope this situation doesn't continue. I don't think it can continue in this way. I don't care who ends it or how-- even if it's done by a politician. End the BATFE.

Help me cover the expense of my colon surgery, if you can and if you want to. Thank you!