Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Government is wrong

Government, and support of government, is parasitic. It is wrong. Just so wrong.

The political means is the method of the parasite. Where one lives at the expense of others. Where there is a winner and a loser. The political means is what rapists and muggers and cops and burglars and DMV employees employ. It is wrong. Even if you can't imagine life or civilization without it, it is wrong.

Its opposite- the economic means- is the method of the decent person; the non-parasite. Where both parties win. Where interaction is by mutual consent. Where there is no punishment for choosing to not interact.

You can see the evil inherent in the political means more clearly by using the economic means as a mirror. Doing so, honestly, you can't fail to see that government- The State- and all associated with it are in the wrong.

Is this judgmental of me?


I am judgmental toward people who commit acts of pure evil and destroy the lives of others; who act as parasites so that they can win while others lose.
The question is, why would anyone not be?

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