Friday, October 14, 2022

When you are the source of the problem

There is a campaign ad I've been subjected to on some streaming service. I can't remember who it's for, but it has a couple of stereotypical Texas sheriffs yapping about the Fentanyl crisis and "our borders". (I looked-- it's an ad against the fake Hispanic anti-gun bigot.)

Assuming there is a Fentanyl problem-- and how would I know either way?-- people like them are the reason for it. They caused it.

Fentanyl happened due to prohibition

Those who declared (or supported) the War on Politically Incorrect Drugs are directly at fault. If you make things illegal, people will pay smugglers (market merchants) to supply them. If you double down on catching the merchants, smaller packages become safer, maybe even essential-- which means a stronger product. A stronger product is more dangerous because it is easier to overdose on.

Yet, instead of realizing their mistake and their complicity (and it may be too late to fix it), they go down another wrong path because of the issue they created in the first place. This is why I don't always get along with "conservatives"-- when they are wrong, they are just as wrong as their supposed opposite.

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