Thursday, September 29, 2016

Into the dark and twisted mind of a cop supporter

The statism! It burns!

I read someone's "interpetation" of Trumps evil "moar Law n' Orderz" statement, and I didn't respond. To her. I actually started running in circles around the room from the agony of being exposed to her stupidity. But I didn't reply. It wouldn't have done a bit of good, and I know it.

But it was just too much to stay silent on, so you get to be subjected to it.

I interpret Mr. Trump's statement as saying we need to allow our Police Officers to do their jobs without fear of retribution for doing so. 

"Our police officers"? I don't own one of the nasty things, and if you do, you need to keep that brute to yourself. And you are responsible for anything he does as long as he is yours.
What exactly are "their jobs"? Enforcing "the law", even those which violate life, liberty, and property- which almost all of them now do. No, "we" don't need to let them do their "jobs", just like we don't need to let rapists rape, muggers mug, or trespassers trespass. If they don't want retribution for committing evil acts of enforcement, they need to go get an honest job. Bad guys should always fear retribution and righteous acts of defense against their violations. It's what can help keep bad guys' numbers under control. Never coddle bullies.

We need to get behind our police force and support them for the very difficult and challenging job they do to protect and serve. 

No. Not just no, but &%@$ NO! Again, they are not "our police force". If their "job" is difficult and challenging, it is because it can be hard to spend your life as a parasitic scum, especially among people who don't pretend you are anything but what you are. The only serving and protecting they do is to the bad guys (politicians and bureaucrats) who use them as hired guns, and to the other cops out there. You are NOT on their radar as someone to serve and protect, and you never will be.

Let leadership deal with the occasional bad apple appropriately,... 

They are all bad. Even pretending for a moment that they don't exist due to theft ("taxation") and that the majority of the "laws" they enforce aren't evil and harmful and anti-liberty, if there were good cops, they would drive out the bad ones. They don't. They cover for them and support them against you and me. The bad apples have spoiled the whole barrel because cops were too cowardly to pick out and discard the bad apples. Now they are all bad (and always were). This "leadership" she believes can deal appropriately with the bad apples only exists to protect the bad apples from the consequences of their evil. So that plan has utterly failed. What does Princess Archation suggest next?

...but we need to stop assuming guilt every time an officer takes action against an individual who is not complying with an officer request.

It's not an assumption, Deary. If a cop makes a "request" (they really only make demands) which goes beyond any request you or I have a right to make, then the cop is guilty. Period. And by "takes action", you are referring by cold-blooded murder-- stop using lying euphemisms. You have no obligation to comply with such a request-- in fact, you have a right to refuse and back your refusal with deadly force. Yes, the Blue Line Gang will murder you for daring to assert your rights; I'm just letting you know they are evil for doing so. You'll probably comply with their evil demands. Your compliance is pragmatic and understandable. If I make a request or demand which would violate your Rightful Liberty, and back that request with a credible threat of death, you have every right to kill me to stop me. No excuse I can make holds up. A badge doesn't change that reality.

I am convinced she's either a cop or is in a relationship with one. It's hard for me to believe there are people this open about supporting evil, but you and I know there are. Copsuckers are disgusting.

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