Friday, January 28, 2022

Give 'em a canteen of air... maybe

Governments are a threat to life, liberty, and property. But especially to life.

Now governments on the other side of the world are posturing to fight, and the criminal government closer to home feels the need to get involved. To make me less safe, and poorer, just so it can assert its dominance.

I would put all these political jerks in a rocket and strand them on the moon to fight it out. I might even let them have a canteen of air if they begged.

I hate every political criminal on the planet. I hate that they exist, that they continue to live at our expense, and that they feel entitled to rule the rest of us. I really, honestly, without reservation, wish death on every single one of them. From presidents and prime ministers to lowly bureaucrats, tax agents, and ATF thugs. And the FAA.

The world would be better off without them taking up space and molesting the rest of us.


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