Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Wait'll they get a load of me...

After years of being laughed at for their backward view of supporters of gun-owner rights, characterized by the clueless comment "If 'people of color' start buying guns, the Second Amendment would be repealed tomorrow", now it seems at least one anti-gun bigot is trying a different tactic:

"Since when did you Republicans care about blacks and minorities? Oh yeah when it comes to arming them you do."

Besides the misguided politicized assumption that anyone who supports the right to own and to carry weapons is a "Republican", he's letting his bigoted ignorance show in other ways as well.

Although, since this wasn't directed at me, maybe the person he was addressing was a Republican. In which case, wait until he actually meets someone like me!

They really don't get it. 

I want no one to be violated. Government has no right or imaginary "authority" to disarm anyone. Ever.

I don't care what someone's skin color is, what language they speak, what religion or political cult they follow, where they were born, what their sex is, or what they imagine themselves to be. Everyone has the fundamental human right to own and to carry whatever type of weapon they want. And, everyone has the right to defend themselves from anyone who makes a credible threat of archation. That's equality. That's liberty. If the anti-gun bigots hate liberty, that's their problem.

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