Monday, September 14, 2020

Opposite sex cosplay

I have nothing against people who imagine they are in a body of the "wrong" sex and act on that belief. I defend, from any and all violators, their right to do so.

I'm a little less forgiving of those who misuse the grammar word "gender" instead of using the correct biology word "sex". I see this as intentionally muddying the waters for the purpose of deception.

Referring to a person's "gender" is as grammatically incorrect as saying "I seen Bob at the store". The word you're looking for is "sex", even if the dictionary accepts the incorrect word due to common usage.

Sex is biological and doesn't change with your "gender identity". Check someone's DNA or chromosomes and you'll be able to pin down their sex-- with exceedingly rare exceptions. How the person "identifies" isn't going to show up scientifically no matter how much they might wish it would.

Trans"gendered" people are cosplaying the opposite sex. 

You have every right to cosplay as anything you want. A vampire, a wolf, a snake, a demon, a cartoon character, a stuffed animal, or the opposite sex. 

You have the right to dress to fit your chosen persona-- or the persona you imagine is the "real you". You have the right to pay to alter your body however you see fit-- surgically cutting parts off, adding things, altering and reshaping parts, piercing things, implanting bumps and horns-- or to tattoo yourself with scales, stripes, spots, or anything else to make you feel more like what you are cosplaying as. 

I defend your right to do all of this against anyone who seeks to prevent you from doing so, even if I personally believe you are making a tragic mistake.

While you have the right to pretend to be whatever you want, you have no right to threaten or bully other people-- including using the violence of government-- to force them to act as though they believe your cosplay is biological reality. You have no right to force people to pretend with you or to bully those who won't. Legislation can't create this right.

I will defend everyone's right to resist this bullying, whatever form it takes, and no matter how you justify it.

I would say that "gender identity", when it doesn't match biological reality, is clearly a psychological issue, not a biological one. It has also been pointed out that psychology is a collection of observations in search of a science. "Gender identity" is anti-science.

That doesn't mean a male can't "feel like" a female, or vice versa. And if that's the case, I'm not going to attack them for it, even if I don't believe them when they tell me their sex/"gender" is something other than what I can see it is. 

But in the SJW world, science is the enemy. They claim "gender" roles are "cultural", and other cultures don't necessarily buy into the binary gender roles "our culture" does. They want to pretend it's all just cultural programming.

Other cultures in other times and places didn't buy into species roles, either. They believed the shaman (or others) could transform into another species. Maybe their psychology could transform, but not their DNA. They weren't really another species, no matter how much they believed they were, and scientific tests could have proved it.

What if I self-identify as an iguana? Maybe I really feel I am in the wrong species' body. 

You, looking at me, can plainly see I'm not one. Even if I wear an iguana costume or get surgery to make me more iguana-like. My claim looks absurd because it is. DNA and chromosomal evidence don't support my belief. In fact, everything points to me being a member of the Homo sapiens species.

Am I an iguana anyway, just because I self-identify as an iguana? Do I have the right to use the violence of the State to force you to refer to me as an iguana and treat me as though I am an iguana?


If the roles were reversed and you "identify" as an iguana I'm still going to treat you as a human, including fully respecting all your human rights. You have the right to believe you are an iguana and I have the right to know you aren't one, no matter what you believe. I don't have the right to force you to stop pretending, and you don't have the right to force me to pretend along with you.

I am totally against bullying others into pretending along with those who've embraced the fantasy that they are in a body of the wrong sex.

The bullies punish people who speak the truth. Such as author J. K. Rowling when she honestly and accurately pointed out that the correct word for "people who menstruate" is "women"-- to the horror and bottomless anger of science-deniers.

Later, CNN joined in the lying by refusing to call "people with a cervix" females. These lies don't help anyone and they avoid reality.

When you attack someone for being truthful you bring me into the fight. You are on the wrong side. To claim you are defending your rights by bullying those who are not suggesting violating your rights in any way is wrong.

I've seen the claim that [facing reality] "erases trans legitimacy". Pointing out the biological reality doesn't erase anyone's legitimacy. If you take it that way you are living in a delusion. No one's opinions can "delegitimize" you; only you can do that to yourself. 

Well, reality can do it, too, if your idea of self goes against reality. Again, the issue is with you, not with other people.

Can we call a truce? I may refuse to call a male "she" (and I'm most certainly not going to try to learn all sorts of silly new made-up and unnecessary "gender" words), but I would never dream of using the state to force anyone to behave in a "gender appropriate way", even if there's any such thing. None of my business.

Every human alive has equal and identical rights. Psychological issues can't change that fact. Nothing can. I will respect your life, liberty, and property-- your human rights-- even if I don't play along with your cosplay. Those are separate issues. I will stand with anyone whose rights are being violated by bullying from any side.

It's not "transphobic" to resist and oppose bullying.

Furthermore, if you love someone, shouldn't you love them enough to speak the truth even if they don't want to hear it?

I understand the disappointment of being told your fantasy isn't real, but are you doing them any favors when you pretend along with them so that reality doesn't burst their bubble? I don't think you are.

Now, maybe you agree with me and maybe you don't. But this is honestly how I see it and if I claimed to see it otherwise I would be lying.

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