Monday, January 04, 2021

Being neighborly and responsible

I may have mentioned that we have a lot of wind here. Yesterday was one of those blustery days. But today wasn't bad, so this afternoon I got out and was picking up some of the trash that always ends up in my yard, snagged on cacti, mesquite, and yucca, and just lying on the ground where it happened to stop.

Among the litter was an Amazon Prime bubble pack. But it hadn't been opened and wasn't empty. It had apparently blown off of someone's porch and ended up in my yard, disguised among the scattered debris.

I looked at the address and saw that it belonged to the house next door, so I took it over and handed it to them.

This wasn't the house where the neighbor I get along with lives; these are the neighbors I've had trouble with since before they actually moved in. But I was nice, friendly, and returned property they didn't even know they'd lost.

I am far from the only person who would do the same. Most people would. Why do some people imagine the whole world needs to be based on how bad people act?

This is part of how I know liberty works. It's still in my own best interests to do the right thing. Even if I'm not exactly on the best terms with the people I'm helping. It may be repaid, or not, but it's still the best thing to do.

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