Monday, August 01, 2022


A (human) member of the household came down with a multiple-test-confirmed case of The 'Rona about a week ago. It's the government lab gift that keeps on giving.

By last Thursday I knew I was coming down with something. But, other than a mild fever, some vague aches, and some intestinal "events", I've not really felt bad. I don't feel well, but I don't feel sick-- if that's not too confusing.

Then, one of the cats, Ghost, got sick at nearly the same time I did, and he has not done as well. Did he catch Covid?

His symptoms seem to have mirrored mine-- as far as I can tell without him describing how he feels in English. Mainly he has stopped eating; no matter what I offer, he usually has no interest in even sniffing it. Which might indicate he has lost his sense of taste or smell. (I didn't.) Or, maybe he just feels too bad to eat. He has snacked here and there-- just a nibble. In most cases, he soon threw up anything he did eat. He has always wanted to eat the cheap food I give the porch cats, so I "accidentally" left it where he could get to it a couple of days ago, and I think he did eat a bit, and kept it down. But I tried that again the next day and he wasn't interested. I guess the novelty was gone.

He does seem to be slowly recovering now, but still isn't interested in food. He isn't hiding all day anymore, which is an improvement.

At least, with the humans, this virus (if that's what I have) keeps getting weaker. Who cares if every variant is more contagious as long as they keep getting weaker? I just hope Ghost recovers soon.


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Sunny is at the vet for tooth extraction surgery today.


  1. I'm glad that Ghost is feeling at least a little bit better, and hope he makes a full recovery.

    Much like cats, when I don't feel well I like to just try and sleep it off somewhere dark and quiet, where I can be left alone and not be bothered. I don't mind a family member peeking in to make sure I'm still breathing or need anything, as long as they're surreptitious about it, but hospitals are anathema to me. Noisy (to me), bright, and they bug you way, way too often for my liking.

    1. He's doing even better today. Still moving slow and still not eating, but acting better. Wanting affection and napping on top of the spiny mouse cage again. He hasn't wanted to play with Kirby yet. Hopefully, soon..

      Sunny is back from her tooth extraction. She's groggy and wants to be left alone (by the other cats-- she seems happy to have me pet her). I'm hoping she'll be able to enjoy life more without the tooth pain-- I know it was pretty bad. I feel guilty for putting it off, but glad it's done.

    2. I'm glad Sunny isn't mad at you for being taken to the vet, and yeah - I'm sure she'll be happy to be rid of the tooth pain.

    3. I think she was just so relieved to be home. This morning she's eating pudding and cat food soup.

  2. Glad to hear it. I have an elderly cat of my own, though she thinks she's still a kitten.