Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Archate (ark-ate)


to initiate force; to use violence against someone who isn't being violent; to start the fight; to throw the first punch; to attack without a credible imminent threat of being attacked;
also, to violate the private property of another, to steal, rob, "tax"; to malevolently trespass; to force others to use their property in a particular way, or to prevent them from using their property as they wish, even though it would violate no other person or property; to bully or govern.

From "arch(ós)" leader, king, ruler , and "-ate", the exercise of such a function

Forms- Archate, archation, archator: one who archates.

I am an anarchist. I do not archate, nor do I support those who do.

"No human being has the right, under ANY circumstances, to archate, nor to advocate or delegate archation."

Of course, since the Zero Aggression Principle (linked above) isn't a "thou shalt not" to be applied to others, but is instead a promise from me to you, letting you know what to expect in dealings with me, you are free to archate, but you are stepping outside what you have a right to do if you choose to do so, and in that case anyone has the right to defend themselves from you. No job or position can give you the right to archate, because such a right doesn't exist and therefore can not be delegated to anyone.

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  1. word includes:
    arc , arc of history
    arch , as in arch enemy

  2. Brilliant, I will be proliferating its use.

  3. I see the intransitive verb form here. Is it also transitive? As in, "You make a mistake to archate me."

    1. I don't know. Maybe usage can/will settle that.
      (Sorry- I missed your comment earlier.)