Thursday, June 13, 2024

Who's worse?

The one currently holding political power is always the greatest danger to your life, liberty, and property-- much more of a threat than anyone who isn’t in power.

Fearing a candidate for office while supporting the politician who is in the office now is delusional. (But I've been sort of guilty of this, too.) A candidate can't wield political power; the officeholder is already doing it now

Obviously, the hierarchy of evil will change once the politicians are switched out by democracy. Or by a coup.

The same is true of any historical evildoers who once held political office but are now dead or otherwise out of power. The current president, whoever it may be, is always worse than Hitler because Hitler is dead and powerless. His evil left scars, but the current president is actively harming people right now as you read this.

Reserve the majority of your contempt for the one in office. There's still enough to spare for the ones seeking the Ring of Power, too.

Thank you for reading.  

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