Saturday, June 22, 2024

"Paying taxes" is not a character indicator

Often, when statists are trying to sell someone as a good, responsible person, they'll say something like "he works hard and pays his taxes". That's weak.

Doing something productive and non-coercive is great, but I also respect those who don't pay extortion.

I understand complying with government extortion to avoid a larger extortion in the future or to stay out of a government cage, but that's just reality, not a character indicator.

"Taxes" fund government; that's not ever a good thing. Anything that relies on "taxation" to be accomplished or to continue needs to die. Specifically, government and government programs need to die. Even if they occasionally do things that are useful and would otherwise be good, because once you need to fund them with money taken from people who'd rather not hand it over it's no longer good. You can't do good by committing wrong.

If something needs to be done it can be funded voluntarily. If it can't be funded voluntarily it doesn't need to be done no matter what you've been brainwashed to believe. Let it go and do something else.

If you're trying to tell me what a great person someone is, leave out the part about them "paying their taxes". It's empty and irrelevant.

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