Thursday, June 27, 2024

Government's flag

In a comment, I responded to someone's lament about Holy Pole Quilt and how they usually wanted to respect it. I said there were things more worthy of respect than government's Holy Pole Quilt.
This elicited a response from someone else: “The flag is the People's. Not the governments [sic].”

Even if that were once true, it hasn't been true for a really long time. At least, in its earlier incarnations, since the 1860s.

What flag flies in every courtroom where liberty is sacrificed to government interests?
What flag flies over the buildings housing every government bureau and agency devoted to destroying liberty and violating the rights of Americans?
What flag flies at the White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court, and over every state government building?
What flag flies over every military base working to make you and I less safe by creating enemies all around the globe by violently imposing the Empire's wishes on the people of the world?
What flag is the focus of the nationalist socialist pledge?

What flag flies at the homes of those who worship the US federal government-- including those who think everything would be OK if government just followed the Constitution?
What flag flies at the houses of those who celebrate the Blue Line Gang and the government's military?
Sure, some people who don't support evil still fly it, but they are such a small minority that they don't change the percentages.

That pole quilt is the government's. 

I understand the desire to claim it as the people's flag. I know how it feels to have something you've loved corrupted and stolen from you. But, at this point, flying the US federal Holy Pole Quilt sends the message that you support the US. That's why, when you buy one, it normally says it is a "US flag", not an American flag. There is an American flag, but that ain't it.

Thank you for reading.  
My AC has gone out for the second time in a month.

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