Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The global government gauntlet

Government is disease; pollution; crime.

There are many places around the world I'd like to visit... if not for the governments infesting them. They and their rules-- inaccurately called "laws"-- make the trip not worth it for me.

I would be the kind of person everyone would like to host. I'm not going to scratch my name into historical monuments. I'm not going to litter or steal. I'm not going to intentionally annoy or be condescending to the local residents. And, if I had the money to travel, I would be spending that money into their local economies.

But the risk is too great. I can barely navigate the governments I'm familiar with. I'm not going somewhere that would imprison me for a stray bit of ammo in my luggage or something else they have illegitimate rules against. Which currently includes some of the states of the American Disunion.

I suppose it's good I have little desire to travel, since governments infest every corner of the globe at this time.

That will not always be the case, but I doubt you and I will live to see it.

Thank you for reading.  

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