Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Levels of awareness- government

I don’t think people realize just how deeply I don’t "believe in" government. 

Government, as a physical thing, doesn't exist and never has. It's a mind virus; a harmful hallucination. It is a hallucination I have nothing but contempt for.

Yes, I know some people use "government exists" as their excuse to bully and rob, but that’s all it is: an excuse. There’s nothing even slightly legitimate about it. Thugs are thugs, regardless of their justification. It's just sad when their victims ignorantly go along with their "reasons" because they believe in government to some degree.

You can tell how aware (of the nature of government) a person is by how they think of it.

Corpse-level awareness: "Government is good, inevitable, and necessary/"

Low-level awareness: "I don't like what this government is doing in this situation. If only it would restore the Constitution."

Mid-level awareness: "Government is naturally corrupt."

High-level awareness: "This isn't corruption; it's working exactly as designed. Government is the ancestral enemy."

Highest-level awareness: "No one has the right (or authority) to govern or otherwise violate another person. Such rights/authority can't be created."

Or, is there a higher-level awareness? Probably. Any suggestions as to what it might be?

Thank you for reading.  


  1. Very nicely stated! I wonder if, like me, you have been re-reading Larken Rose's excellent book, "The Greatest Superstition."

    1. I haven't been re-reading it, but it is permanently ensconced in my brain.