Monday, July 08, 2024

It can't be allowed to continue

Scott thinks he’s listing problems with technological progress while he lists reasons government can’t be allowed to continue.

It's not just him. I see this so often it's almost comical. 

People list reasons why people can't be trusted when what they are actually listing are reasons people can't be trusted with power over others. 

People list the problems with abolishing police when they are actually enumerating problems caused when government prohibits individuals from defending themselves and their property. 

People tell me why liberty can't work when they are really expressing why limited freedom under a government doesn't work. Liberty is all or nothing.

Scott Adams also likes to say there's no such thing as privacy-- he blames corporations as well as government without recognizing they are really one and the same. This is yet another reason government must be abolished for the survival of the species.

When he says insurance companies will be the ones who dictate what we will be allowed to own and do, he's actually pointing out that mandatory insurance, imposed and enforced by government, is how insurance companies will gain the power to impose government's preferences upon us. Another reason government can't continue is thus exposed.

If all the problems you see have a common element, maybe you're blaming the wrong things. Maybe it really is a fact that government is the problem, and you are wasting your time defending the indefensible and shifting the blame away from where it belongs.

Thank you for reading.  

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