Friday, November 17, 2023

Blocking traffic is an act of aggression

Maybe I'm unreasonable, but I've always considered being intentionally blocked in traffic to be a threat to my life. Yes, that would include cops doing it-- but in that case, I would probably be outgunned.

This is why I made the statement that got me banned for life from TwiXXer. They can punish me, but they can't make me believe I'm wrong. Because I'm not.

If you are blocking the road and I don't see a safe way past you, you may as well be holding a gun to my head and to the heads of everyone else in my vehicle. I will take this perceived threat seriously.

It doesn't matter if you are protesting climate change, protesting a murder by cop, or just demanding "equity". It could even be a protest against some new anti-gun legislation. Even if I would otherwise be on your side, when you trap me you're going to get a response you're not going to like. And I'll see you as the threat that needs to be dealt with. With as little force as necessary, but that's up to me to determine once you make the threat. I will do my best to escape.

I wouldn't block traffic unless it was necessary to defend life, liberty, or property and I was ready to back it up with deadly force. So that's what I'm going to assume of anyone blocking me in.

I do what I can to avoid places where this sort of nonsense is likely. I don't look for trouble. Funny how trouble doesn't always avoid people who don't seek it, though.

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