Saturday, August 01, 2009

Government- the Definition

"Government" is what most people call what is more accurately called The State or political government. Through common usage the words have come to mean the same thing to almost everyone. It's the shorthand way of speaking about individuals who choose to initiate force and theft (using the political means rather than the economic means) while hiding behind a name they think gives them legitimacy; they attempt to govern others.

"Government" can be thought of as an organization of individuals who attempt to make the rules for a particular geographical area. Regardless of their claims, they are not voluntary or consensual, as "v*ting" and other participatory acts never really make a substantive difference because of the rules which the government has established to regulate the election process.

Government employees allow no competition with their organization and no opting out. Government acts are financed through "taxation", which is merely statist-speak for "theft by government". It holds a "legal" monopoly on the use of force, enforced by its own hired guns and backed up by the courts it runs, and is perpetuated by youth indoctrination centers ("public schools").

Because government employees are expected to enforce the rules that limit their own power, there is really no limit to what they can get away with, given time.

The belief in the existence of "government" is based on the superstitious belief in "authority".

Unless I qualify the term by placing "self-" in front of "government", I am referring to an external coercive force, and not the necessary condition of "self-control".


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