Saturday, August 01, 2009

Anarchy- the Definition

When I use the word "anarchy", I am using the original usage: without (an-) ruler (archos). This doesn't mean, to me, a free-for-all. This means YOU are responsible for all your actions and accept ALL the consequences of those actions. It means you have accepted your basic human responsibility to govern yourself, instead of abdicating to some external coercive force (a Ruler or a government).

I realize that the dictionary has a lot of "chaos" mixed in with its definitions of "anarchy", but that is not ever what I mean. If you have a better word, just substitute that when I write "anarchy". OK?


  1. Presidential candidate, eh? Congratulations. At least, YOU didn't content with whining your opinions in bars and complaining that "somebody should try and change things, yeah".
    I always respect a man who dares to stand up for his opinions and TRY. Especially when said opinions are reasoned. (Because, let's face it, there's also a lot of stupid BS out there! Osama didn't exactly convince me...)

  2. Chaos is a phenomenon associated with monopolies and the calculation/ knowledge problems inherrent with them.

    as monopolists, statists and states are invariably full of chaotic fail, and that chaotic fail is imposed on many by the jackboots of a few

    as free emergent orders, anarchies are surprisingly free from chaos, when it does occur, it is seen for what it is, and everyone is free to find their own way to avoid it, or copy others in avoiding it.