Monday, July 01, 2024

Choosing to live in a dystopia

Often, when you point out the absurdity of living with political government, some genius will inform you that "Utopia isn't an option" as a way to justify their acceptance of government's atrocities.
It's kind of a dumb argument. 

The only ones I've ever seen trying to impose a Utopia are those who believe their brand of government is the one which will bring it about.
It won't.

I've never seen a liberty advocate pretending that liberty will bring Utopia. But it's a convenient straw man for statists to try to use against the idea of removing the power of their religion from society-- they already carry it around in their pocket.

Utopia isn’t an option, but dystopia is always optional. 
Government is a way to pick that option.
Choosing to try to govern each other is choosing a path to dystopia.

Liberty and government are mutually exclusive-- the more of one you have, the less you'll have of the other. You might not like what everyone chooses to do with their liberty, but it will never be a dystopia-- for that you'll need government restricting and strangling liberty.

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  1. You're right — all dystopias are the result of imposing someone's version of utopia on the rest of us. My eyes are opened a little more.