Sunday, February 11, 2024

Some contests not safe to ignore

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for February 11, 2024)

I'm not watching television today. It's impossible for me to care less about a sporting event-- a game-- than I do

A good thing about sports contests: it's safe to not care. The outcome doesn't grant the winning team power to threaten my life, steal my property, or violate my liberty. The winners will not inherit an army of career rights violators who imagine their job is to control how the rest of us live. I can ignore the event without danger.

I wish all silly contests were as safe to the rest...

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  1. I gave up on the NFL about 10 years ago and NASCAR in 2020. About the only sport that I still enjoy watching is golf, but due to where we live and the crap you have to go through to watch live tv now-a-days, I only get to watch highlights on Youtube. I play on a online league with my Nintendo switch. Currently third in standings so far, this year, but we only have a dozen or so players. The thing about golf is it is 90% mental and you are really playing against yourself, even though the tournaments are scored against other players.

    I now treat politics in much the same way. I pay just enough attention to have a handle on what may be coming down the line, but I no longer get wrapped up in trying to change anything. I wasted a ton of my life in that foolishness instead of focusing on doing the things that I could actually affect. Much happier now and know better that I can always say no the the man who wants to take my light.

    Once everyone (or a majority) understands they can say "no", things will change. There is an awakening happening now. We live in 'interesting times'.

    1. I've never been a sports-watcher. I've never been interested in playing sports either, but playing makes more sense than watching others play. My daughter can spend hours watching videos of people playing video games, and that seems completely pointless. I guess you could pick up tips on how to play better, but it's beyond me.

      Golf seems like it would be more similar to shooting. I had a friend whose boyfriend was a golfer and got her into it. She was surprised at how much she enjoyed it. I've never golfed other than mini-golf.

      I hope enough people figure out that the game is rigged and they can (and should) say "no".

  2. The rulers would prefer to deceive you and will facilitate your deceiving yourself as it is safer for them than active oppression but if ‘push comes to shove’ I don’t doubt that mere coercion will rapidly shift into an attempt at physical destruction for those who won’t play the game anymore.

    “What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.”
    ---- John Ruskin

    1. I think we've seen some of that in the recent past-- the physical destruction, I mean.