Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Curing a sick society

Society is suffering from an extreme case of parasitosis-- it is critically infested with parasites.

To get rid of parasites and get healthy sometimes takes harsh measures. You've got to poison the parasites and expel them without killing the host. That's often rather unpleasant to the host. If you've ever wormed a dog that had a bad infestation you know what I mean.

It's essential anyway.

How do you "worm" a society to get rid of politicians, bureaucrats, and enforcers? How do you convince people it's necessary when they are afraid of the unpleasantness of the process? Because it IS necessary, and (for some) it WILL be unpleasant.

(Posting may be sporadic. I'm struggling to see the laptop screen in my one-eyed condition [apparently I can't see well out of my good eye, either. and need both]. I can see and use my phone better, but I'm not accustomed to writing walls of text on it. We'll see how it goes.)

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