Monday, May 22, 2023

I am "a problem"

I don't know if you've seen the terrible video-- if not I don't recommend watching it-- where Blue Line Mafia thugs in California target a Cannabis grower, trespass, and shoot his dog. Then they rob and kidnap him.

A copsucker commented that the cops were right to shoot the dog because it "took an attack stance".

I pointed out that the dog was guarding its home and humans from trespassers.

The copsucker said they weren't trespassing because they had "papers" saying they were authorized to be there.

I observed that the mafia giving its goons "papers" saying they have permission to trespass doesn't change anything.

Copsucker told me, among other things, "You are a problem".

He then posted a news article that he believed bolstered his side. It said the Cannabis grower didn't have all the required tangle of permits/licenses, the dog was a danger, and the resident had "resisted arrest".

I thanked the guy for sharing an article that made my point. He said, again, "You're a problem".

I wonder what such a copsucking parasite would propose as a "solution" for a problem like me. I'll bet it involves armed mafia goons getting permission from their mafia bosses to aggress against me.

Help me cover the expense of my colon surgery, if you can and if you want to.
Thank you!

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