Saturday, May 20, 2023

Fighting entropy never ends

In the six weeks I was kind of out of commission after the surgery (doctor's orders to not lift anything heavier than ten pounds), a lot of household tasks and repairs piled up, Not only at my house, but at my parents' house, too.

I've spent the last couple of days trying to catch up. I can tell my body needs to get used to the routine again, too.

It's amazing how quickly things start falling apart when you're not actively staying on top of them.

Fighting entropy is just a fact of life if you don't want everything to fall down on your head. That's why I don't really understand those who claim that it's pointless to get rid of government since someone else will just come along and establish another one.

Yeah. So?

To keep things in good order you're always going to have to fight decay. And political government is societal decay. You can either fight back by keeping things in good working order, or you can surrender to the rot. I'm not going to accept the rot and decay without doing all I can to keep things working in spite of those who want to make things political.

Help me cover the expense of my colon surgery, if you can and if you want to.
Thank you!


  1. "someone else will just come along and establish another one"

    Possible, yes, but not probable if the "getting rid of government" is done right. That's one of the strengths of TOLFA: it's first and foremost a course of education.

    The graduate decides himself that what he has learned compels him to quit government employ, and his reasons will be permanent. So if "someone else" tries to form a replacement, there will still be nobody to work for it; hence, it will be a non-starter.

    1. There is a percentage of humans who will either actively avoid education opportunities or who will not learn no matter how the information is presented to them. Some of these may try to establish another government and others among them will decide it's a good idea to work for that government.

      I hope that excellent educational tools like TOLFA will convince everyone else that it just isn't ethical to work for government, so that we can see clearly what percentage of humans are simply irredeemable.

      Hopefully, it's such a tiny percentage that they never pose a real threat. But if not, the rest of us are going to need to keep stomping out the brush fires they set. And I'm OK with that.